According to the US court ruling, Amazon will be responsible for selling bad goods by third party sellers!

The Philadelphia court has ruled against Amazon due to complaints of online sales of defective items in the US. According to the court ruling, Amazon will have to take responsibility for the defective items sold by all of its third-party vendors and resolve all complaints by not leaving it to the third-party vendors themselves.

The case actually dates back to 2016 when Oberdorf filed his case against Amazon in the Federal Court of Pennsylvania (Federal Court). He had complained that after ordering on Amazon, he broke into his eye while using the item sent by the third party seller and he lost an eye in this accident. After this, no address of the third party vendor could be found, and Amazon also refused to take responsibility for it.

Several lower federal courts in the US ruled in this case in favor of Amazon, arguing that they were responsible for the goods sold by third-party sellers, and that it was not right to hold Amazon responsible, which is just a means. But the decision given by the Upper Court of US Philadelphia will solve the problem of customers of online sites that have been running for years.

Currently, Amazon's site also has items from third-party vendors in addition to their own items that they can either keep in Amazon's warehouse or ship directly to the customer. According to a report, Amazon earned about $ 11 billion in the previous quarter from services offered to all third-party vendors, and half of all items sold on Amazon belong to third-party vendors.

Responsibility for the resolution of complaints on all defective items rests with state law, and this decision was also subject to the law of Pennsylvania where petitioner Heather Oberdorf filed suit.


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