A great Android application that gives cloud protection to your mobile.

If you are looking for an antivirus for your Android, Lookout can be a great antivirus, it is absolutely free and it also protects your mobile smart. Let's know about its merits in some way. Protects your phone –

Lookout monitors all the applications running in the backdrop of your phone and there is a possibility of any type of virus Gives deleted immediately.

Lookout also monitors the data you download, received from Bluetooth and scans along with the downloading. Cloudly backup of your phone prepares, so that all your contacts, photos, videos or other data are not spoiled in case your phone breaks or goes bad and you can find it easily.

If the phone is lost, you can find the location of your phone through the Google Map via internet and find it before reaching the unknown person. If someone forcibly tries to open your phone, Lookout will take a picture of it and send it immediately to your mail ID and lock your phone immediately.

Apart from this, there are many more features in Lookout, you can download Lookout from Google Play.

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