A bug found on WhatsApp, sending GIF from WhatsApp to WhatsApp may be dangerous for you!

Nowadays WhatsApp is very much discussed for some wrong reasons, because recently a security researcher has found a bug in WhatsApp, which allows hackers to access your phone. Problems should also be specific to specific Android phones such as how WhatsApp handles GIF image files sent by a WhatsApp user with Aplomb, etc.

This problem can be used by hackers by pushing the WhatsApp GIF file on the victim's Android phone with the Malicious Code via a message, email or a third-part App. When a WhatsApp user downloads the GIF on their Android Phones and then opens it in the gallery on WhatsApp, the phone also allows “Remote Code Execution”, allowing the hacker to attack and access the WhatsApp user's Android phone.

This WhatsApp Bug has been discovered by a security researcher. A post stated that “Please WhatsApp users, update the new WhatsApp version (2.19.244 or any subsequent version) to be safe from this bug” because this problem of sending GIFs on WhatsApp is not on the device. Is very dangerous.

WhatsApp has said in a statement to “The Next Web” that, we do not have any reports of any attack on users taking advantage of this problem, adding that “this issue affected the sender's side , Which means that problems can occur when a user sends a GIF, and this problem will affect users on their own device. ”


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