Ransomware Kya Hai? – How the ransomware virus works and how to avoid it!

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Nowadays, many types of viruses are being spread for hacking. You will find many types of viruses on the Internet that spread viruses to computers and smartphones. We save all our important data in our mobile or computer and if we get a virus attack on our computer and mobile, then how much damage can we do.

One of these viruses is Ransomware Virus which is considered to be very dangerous virus. It is very much discussed on social media right now. Which had caught many computers. If your computer did not get caught by this virus then you would have been saved from it. But still, if you are not aware of this, then you need to be cautious to know about it.

So let's know Ransomware Virus Kya Hai If you also want to stay away from this virus, then what is this ransomware virus? Must read from beginning to end. You will get complete information only after reading the post till the end.

Ransomware Kya Hai

On 12 May 2017, Ransomware Virus was attacked in about 100 countries of the world. All the computers that had been attacked by this virus stopped working. It has been described as the world's largest cyber attack. Europe and the countries of the west were its main targets.

This is a type of Malicious Software. Which was designed to block computers. Once this virus enters your computer, it locks all the files and hard disk of your computer and then demands money to unlock it.

If this virus gets into your computer, then it encrypts all your files and disks with a password and the hacker demands some money in exchange for this password. The person who has entered this password in your computer has complete control of your computer.

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Ransomware Virus Kaise Kaam Karta Hai

The computer stops working due to the effect of this virus. In which the computer is locked and a ransom is asked to unlock it. Then the hacker says that if you do not pay the money, the entire data of your computer will be deleted and it also says that if you If you give him money, then the hacker will give you a key so that you will be able to open your file and data.

When Ransomware Virus enters the computer, it also prevents us from running our computer and the hacker sends you a spam link via email. But it is not necessary for the hackers to send the link via email. This software can also come into your computer through a third party website. This attack bypasses that email filter. After that a direct email arrives in your inbox. As soon as you click on this link, the file is added. It can be a command file.

When you click on it and open it, the file will be automatically run in the computer system. As soon as this file runs, after this all the viruses are copied to the C drive and many files will be added to the computer registry as well and the hacker will now encrypt all your files and your system will be connected to the attacker. . Just then the hacker will have complete control of your computer.

Types of Ransomware Virus In Hindi

There are 2 types of attacker that are used to spread viruses in the computer. Let's know what is Ransomware Virus Ke Prakar.


This ransomware is very dangerous. This locks the user from running their system. Lockers lock the operating system of your computer system. From which you cannot access any Apps or Program. There is no file encrypt in it, just the attacker demands money to open the computer.


This ransomware is built using Advanced Encryption Algorithms. It encrypt your computer completely in no time and it is not possible to open it without Encryption Key.

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Ransomware Virus Se Kaise Bache

Next, we are telling you some ways that you will be able to prevent this virus from getting into your computer.

  • Do not download any email that comes to you without scanning it. If you get an email that you have a little doubt about or you don't know the sender, then do not open it. If you have received an email that contains a file with an extension like .Exe, .Vbs, do not open it. Delete such email. Because this extension is mostly used through email.
  • Make a backup of your data. Because if the hacker also deletes your data. So you have a backup of your data. To avoid this virus, you should keep a backup of your system.
  • Show your computer's file extension. So that the original extension of all the files is visible. Hackers can send file extensions to you by typing Filename.Doc.Exe or Filename.Mp4.Exe like this. Ransomware will come into your computer as soon as you download and open it.
  • Always keep the computer's firewall on. You can install a third party firewall or anti-virus or internet security on your computer and keep it on.
  • Update any software you have installed on your computer. The latest software is more efficient in survival. Which has less impact on your computer.

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Characteristics of Ransomware in Hindi

Ransomware also has some characteristics that you will learn further. Let's know about its symptoms

  • Ransomware uses a lot of Advance Algorithms.
  • It can also change the names of your files. By which you will not even know which data has been affected by which.
  • Its Encryption is very difficult to break.
  • It can encrypt any type of file such as Video, Document, Audio and all types of files.
  • It takes payment in the form of bitcoin. So that no one can track them.
  • If other computers are also connected to the Infected System, then they are also at risk of infection.


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