Facebook Account Recover Kaise Kare?

We are talking today friends Facebook Account Recovery There is also a limit to using Facebook. If we misuse Facebook, our Facebook account may get blocked. If your Facebook account is blocked, do not be afraid, today we will tell you that Facebook Account Recover Kaise Kare

Facebook is a very popular networking site. Through which you can interact with your friends, relatives or even more people. Today Facebook is one of all social networking sites. Facebook has many features, so that you can share photos, videos, pages, and links. Facebook has become a means of entertainment which is being used by millions of people. Let's know now Facebook Id Recover Kaise Kare about.

Facebook Account Block Hone Par Recover Kaise Kare

Now let us tell you how to unblock Facebook account. For this, you have to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go To Account Recovery Request Page

First you go to the Account Recovery Request Page. Now you will see Facebook Account Recovery Form. In this, you have to fill all the information correctly.

Step 2: Enter Email Address or Mobile Number

You will see the option of “Log In Email Address” and “Mobile Number”. Write down your email address or mobile number here, what you wrote in your Facebook account and mobile number is to be written here.

Step 3: Your Full Name

After this, you will see the option of “Your Full Name”, here you write your full name with Facebook.

Step 4: Your ID

Now you will see the option of “Choose File”, in which you can upload a screenshot of your identity card like Aadhar card, PAN card etc. to identify your account.

Step 5: Additional Info

Now you will see the option of “Additional Info”, here you have to write some words to recover your account. You can write that “I have made such a mistake, I will not make such a mistake from now on”.

Step 6: Tap On Send Button

After this, you will see the option of “Send Button” and click on it.

Step 7: Open Email Address

Your Facebook Disabled Account will be blocked in 24 hours after sending the request. After this, the Facebook Account Recovery Code will come to your email address. You can open the Facebook account by verifying that code.

So in this way you can recover your Facebook account by following Facebook Account Recovery Process. You saw how easy it was.


Facebook Id Recover Once you do not make any such mistake again, your Facebook account gets blocked forever because you cannot unblock the blocked Facebook account repeatedly. If you face any problem, you can ask us by commenting in the comment box. If you liked the post, like it, share it, then you will get friends with some new information on Hindi help, thanks!


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