Google Account Me Recovery Email or Phone Number Add Kaise Kare?

It is necessary to add Google account recovery phone number and recovery email to Google Gmail account. With this, your Google account will remain secure as well as away from the eyes of hackers. It also helps reset old passwords and access Google Gmail account. So in gmail Recovery Email Address Kaise Banaye And Gmail Me Mobile Number Add In today's post you will know how to do it.

If you ever forget your Google Account password or forget your email address, you can reset your password with Recovery Mail or Google Account Recovery Phone Number. Today it is very important for all internet users to create a Gmail account. We can also send or receive our important mails through Gmail, save documents in our Google Drive. So let's know Google Account Recovery How to do it.

Google Account Me Recovery Email Kaise Add Kare

It is very easy to add recovery email to Google account. To add a recovery email, you have to follow some steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Login Gmail Account

Log in to your Gmail account first. Now click on the icon of your Gmail profile image.

Step 2: Click My Account Button

Now a popup window will open, click on the button of “My Account”. Now the page of My Account will open.

Step 3: Sign-in and Security Option

There will be an option of “Sign-in And Security” in the page of My Account, click on it.

Step 4: Recovery Email

Now scroll down a bit. Here two options of “Account Recovery” will appear. From this, click on the option of “Recovery Email”. As soon as you click on Recovery Email, you will be asked to sign in to your Gmail account. Enter the password here and click on the button next.

Step 5: Add Recovery Email

Now click on the option of “Add Recovery Email”. After this a popup window will open and enter the recovery email in it.

Step 6: Click Done Option

After this, click on the option of “Done”. Now the recovery email address will be added to your Google Gmail account.

Google Account Recovery by Phone Number

To add Google account recovery contact number, you repeat the above recovery mail to Step 3. After that you follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Click Recovery Phone

Click on the option of “Recovery Phone”. Now a popup window will open, select your country in it, enter a new phone number and then click on the button next.

Step 2: Tap On Get Code

After that check the phone number and click on “Get Code”. Now a code will come on your mobile.

Step 3: Enter Code & Verify

Now see the code in the message that has come in your mobile, enter it and click on the Verify button. Your phone number will be added to the Gmail account as soon as you click Verify.


So friends it was Google Account Recovery Process You can do Google account recovery by following this. If you are facing any problem in this process, then you can ask us by commenting. Also like the post and share the Recovery Information. Stay tuned to get the latest updates on Hindi help, thanks!


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