Mobile Kya Hai? – Complete information related to the invention and history of mobile phones!

Today, one thing has a very important place in our daily life, without it many of our tasks stop. Although it is such a small thing that it comes in our pocket easily but the work done by it is very big. It is always ready to help us like a true friend. Now you must be thinking that who is so important to us and always helps us too.

We are talking about mobile phones, in today's time, in some people's lives, mobile has become so important that if it goes away from them even for a moment, then they start feeling restless. Mobile not only keeps us connected with the people of the country and the world, but it also provides us answers to every question, entertainment etc. Today we will give you this Mobile Ka Arth And Mobile Ki Jankari Hindi Mein Going to give

Mobile Kya Hai

First of all we will read what a mobile phone is, a mobile phone is also known by many different names like Cell Phone, Cellular Phone, Wireless Phone. It is a device through which two people can talk easily even when they are far away from each other. In other words, it is a long-distance electronic device, which is used for communication of sound.

In today's modern times, its usage has increased a lot, now mobile is used not only for talking but also for sending messages, email, internet etc. for the use of online functions and for gaming, Bluetooth, Mobile Phone Ka Use is also used in video record, audio record taking pictures, Mp3 Player, Radio, GPS etc.

What is the full form of mobile:

Mobile Ka Full Form – Modify Operation Byte Integration Limited Energy (Telephone Equipment)

Mobile Ka Aviskar Kisne Kiya / Mobile Kisne Banaya

In the past, mobile phones were of a large size and were made just for talking, but this is not the case in today's time, now we can also do internet, text messages and video calling in mobiles. The first mobile phone that was made did not work like it used to send messages just like a radio.

The world's first mobile phone was made in 1973 by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper, engineers at the Motorola company. Its weight was 2 Kg and the price was 2 lakh rupees. After this, in 1983, only Dynatac 8000x model of Motorola came, which could be talked about for 35 minutes by charging the battery once.

The first Automated Cellular Network in the world was started in Japan in 1979, it was a First Generation (1G) system, with the help of which many people could call among themselves at once. Then in 1991, 2G technology was introduced in Finland by Radiolinja and in 1997 the first camera mobile was introduced.

3G mobile phones arrived in 2001, which was started by Japanese company Ntt Docomo in 10 years after the arrival of 2G mobile phones. Apart from all this, an interesting fact about mobile phones is that from 1983 to 2014, around 700 million mobile phones were used worldwide and Nokia 1100 is the best selling phone till now.

Telephone Ki Khoj Kisne Ki

Now we have provided information about this above Mobile Ka Aviskar Kab Hua. Now we are going to give you information about the telephone, so that you can get information about the telephone along with the mobile and you can easily differentiate between the two.

Telephone Ka Aviskar was done by Alexander Graham Bell and Telephone Ka Hindi is Naam Tel. The meaning of a telephone is a remote communication or communication from a different place. There is a transmitter on one side from which you can dial any number and on the other side there is a receiver from which the voice is heard.

When the telephone ring rings, the receiver picks up the phone and says hello, so that you can communicate with any remote person. If you want to talk to a person living in any other city, state or abroad, then for that you also have to dial STD or ISD code before dialing the telephone number of the person in front.

Telephone conversations are via wire and mobile phones can be called an upgraded form. The mobile does not have a wire connection, so the mobile can be easily carried anywhere by keeping it in your pocket. This is a very big reason that nowadays everybody has started using mobile more.

Mobile Ka Advantage or Disadvantage

Mobile phone has become an addiction in today's time, so on the other hand, many of our tasks also stop when it is not available. The advantages and disadvantages of mobile are shown below:

Benefits of mobile

  • With the help of mobile, we can talk to any person from anywhere and anytime from any place. The mobile phone provides the facility of calling as well as messaging.
  • With the advent of mobile phones, the need to use and handle a large camera has been eliminated. Today, new updated versions of mobile are coming in, in which the camera facility of 32, 48 and even 64 megapixels has come. These mobile cameras provide an excellent and high quality photo and video facility.
  • With the help of internet, we can also connect with our loved ones using social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Hike etc.
  • The facility of calculator can also be used in mobile phones, and it is a scientific calculator that can solve very complex problems in a matter of seconds.
  • A mobile is a small gadget that we can easily carry anywhere in our pocket and it also performs all the tasks done by the computer.
  • Now with the help of mobile, we can do money transactions at any time and we do not even need to go to the bank or ATM. Along with this, we can also order online shopping and food from mobile.
  • From mobile, we can use all the apps of Google like Gmail, Google Map, Chrome etc. Mobile completes our many hours of work in an instant.

Mobile side effects

  • Using the mobile for too long causes poor eyesight which can lead to less visible problems.
  • Excessive use of mobile does not make the mind to function and distracts attention repeatedly.
  • One of the side effects of mobile is the weakening of memory, because instead of memorizing anything, we save it in mobile.
  • Radiation emanating from the mobile network is very harmful not only to humans but also to animals and birds.
  • Many people have so much addiction of mobiles that they use mobile even while walking on the road, which increases the chances of accident.
  • Many youngsters listen to songs on earphones in loud voice throughout the day, causing problems of hearing loss.
  • At the top of mobile is the addiction of games at the top, in today's time, not only children and young people but also elderly people keep playing games in mobile all day long.


After the arrival of Android Mobile, as if the world has changed. Smartphones have made miraculous and revolutionary changes in the world of technology as soon as they arrive. With its help, we can complete any online work anywhere in a moment. With the advent of mobile, the use of large gadgets like laptops have also reduced. So today, we have given you this post about our mobile Mobile Ka Aviskar And provided detailed information about what is mobile, if you liked this post, then do not forget to share it with your friends.


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