Net Neutrality Kya Hai? – Know the advantages and disadvantages of net neutrality in detail!

We also know Net Neutrality by the name of Internet Neutrality and Net Equality, it simply means that all the internet users who have all the social websites of every kind have the freedom to use them equally. That is, if there is a site of a large company, then it will open soon or if there is a site of a small company, then it should not take much time to open.

That is, all the users on the Internet should be treated equally. TRAI had also recommended this for which it has also got approval. After which every citizen will have equal rights on the Internet. Which can also include social media posts, voice calls, YouTube videos, emails. Let us now know in detail what net neutrality means.

Net Neutrality Kya Hai

Net Neutrality Kya Hai (What is Net Neutrality)

Net neutrality simply means providing internet service to internet users, meaning if you use the internet, then whatever website, social media, YouTube or any other internet service you use, you will get a The same speed is available and you should not be charged separately.

The company providing Internet service will charge you only for how much data you use, the Internet on which you search anything, you get all kinds of information easily and charge it equally because today Everyone in the world is using the Internet.

Neutrality simply means fairness, similarly net neutrality means (net fairness), which we can say that the network company should provide us with net neutrality on an equal basis. This means that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) should provide us with open networks and not discriminate against the applications and content that serve those networks.

Just as your phone company does not decide who you call and what you talk about on that call, similarly your ISP should not interfere with the content that you see or post online.

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Net Neutrality In India

The impact of Net Neutrality has been so deep that in some countries a law has been made about Net Neutrality. In 2017, Airtel company talked about taking extra charge from 3G users for internet calling and since then Net Nutrition has been the subject of debate in India. Net neutrality service is applicable in India and net service has been provided to all users at the same speed in India. The Government of India has argued that only 40 crore people in the country have access to internet, to expand it, net neutrality will be required.

Net Neutrality Ke Fayde

If you are an internet user, then there are many benefits of Net Neutrality available for you, so that you can use the Internet easily. So let us tell you what are the benefits of net neutrality:

  • All the net users will be benefited from the Net Neutrality, you can easily access the Internet without any restrictions or discrimination and can get all kinds of information on the Internet.
  • After the introduction of net neutrality, the internet speed of all internet users will remain the same. You do not have to pay an extra charge.
  • Internet users cannot change the Internet service data plan according to what they do on the Internet or view any website. Meaning you will not have to pay a separate charge for using any website or other internet service.
  • Through this, you will be able to easily access even those websites which till now were open only when there was high internet speed.

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Net Neutrality Ke Nuksan

Internet users will suffer the most due to the loss of net neutrality, as this will put all Internet users completely under the control of ISP (Internet Service Providers). So let's know what effect it will have on you:

  • If a website charges more then you will be able to use only those services. Apart from this, you will not be able to use another website or that website will be very slow and if the user wants to use other website then they will have to pay extra charge for that.
  • The more internet you use, the more you will have to pay to the Internet service providers.
  • Internet users will have complete control over internet users.
  • After the net neutrality is over, the government there will decide how much internet you can use.


So now you must have understood what net neutrality is and how special it is in the field of Internet. If net neutrality is abolished, then there will be a huge difference in the opening of the sites of every companies and the prices of services will also increase. So friends, how did you find this information in the comment, as well as if you like the post, then share the post, and thank you for the Hindi help that remained for getting the information related to the technology further!


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