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Hello friends, welcome to Hindi Sahayta, today we will give you GTA 5 Kaise Download Kare If you also want to know about GTA 5 Kaise Download Kare PC, you are going to tell about the right post, in this post we will give you complete information about it.
GTA 5 Kaise Download Karte Hain You will know about it through our post today, we will tell you about it in a very easy language. You must have heard about GTA, if you do not know about it, no problem, we will give you complete information about it in our today's post, as well as tell you about how to download GTA Game.
All of you must have played GTA Vice City, Sanandreas and GTA 4 Game in your PC or Laptop, but today we are going to tell you about GTA 5 Game, which is better than all the other games, you have our article today. In GTA 5 Kaise Download you will get complete information about Karte Hai and how to run it.

GTA requires a lot of space to download or install in a PC or laptop, it cannot be run on an ordinary computer, it needs a Best Gaming PC to run. Today we will also tell you about how to download GTA 5 in Android Mobile.
So let's know how to download GTA 5 for Android in Hindi, if you want to get the complete information about it, then for this, read our post from the beginning to the end, we hope that you will get the answers to all your questions in our post today. .

GTA 5 Kaise Download Kare PC Me

GTA Game is a very good Open World Game for PC. It is an exciting action game launched by Rokstar Games on 17 December 2013. This game is now available for PC, PS4, PS3 Xbox One etc.

To download GTA 5 Game to PC, your PC must have Fast Internet Connection because the size of this game is close to 59 Gb.
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If your PC has Internet Speed ​​Slow then it takes a lot of time to download. If you want to run GTA 5 in your PC, then we tell you what should be the requirement for your PC.

  • Operating System – Windows 7, Windows 8 And 8.1, Windows 10 (64bit)
  • CPU – Intel Core To Quad 2.4 Ghz
  • RAM – 4gb
  • Setup size – 59gb
  • Hard Disk Space – 65gb

GTA V Kaise Download Kare

If you want to download GTA 5 Game in your PC, then follow our steps given below:

First of all visit the website of Media Jio.

As soon as you Visite on this website, then you will see the option of Winrar at the top, click on it and download it, after downloading, open and install it.

Now again go to the home page of Media Jio and search by typing GTA 5 in the search menu above. As soon as you search for it, then you will see the result of GTA 5 in front of you, click on it.

  • Download File And Software

Now scroll down and click on the First Option “First Download Important File and Software for GTA 5 Download” and download the file and software. Then click on Open Folder.

After opening the folder, right click on it and click on Extract To GTA 5 Important File, click and extract this file. Open the file after it is extracted, now you will see two software, install both of them on your computer.

Now again go to your Chrome and click on the third option given “Download GTA 5 In 59gb By Torrent”. As soon as you click on it, then you will see the option of Open Your Torrent, click on it.

Now there will be a Popup Page Open in which he will ask you where you want to download the GTA 5 Game, for this you have to select the path which has 59gb storage. After selecting the path, click on Ok Button so that it will start downloading.

GTA 5 Kaise Install Kare

So friends, you must have downloaded your GTA 5 Game by following the steps given above, let's now know how to install GTA 5 Game:

After downloading the GTA 5 Game, right click on it and click on Open Containing Folder, then click Continue.
Now you will get to where this GTA 5 Game has been downloaded, where you will see Rld-gta 5 by selecting it, right clicking and tapping on Power Iso and setting 1 Drivers from there.

  • Mount Image To Drive No Media

After that, right-click on Rld-5 again and tap on Power Iso, the option of Mount Image To Drive No Media will appear and click on it.

  • Open CD Drive H Grand Theft Audio V

Now you have to click on this PC, there you will see the CD's Icon under the drive. On which CD Drive H Grand Theft Audio V will be written, you have to open it by right clicking on it.

Now you will see the option of setup, double click on it and run the setup of GTA 5. It will ask you for Yes or No, click on Yes and then click on Ok Button, now a Popup Page will open, click on Browse and select the location where you want to install it.

After selecting the location, click on Ok Button, then click on Next, click on Next again and click on Install Button, which will cause it to install. It may also take 1 hour, 2 hours and more time to install.

After installing, now you have to install four software in your computer, for this, tick all four and click on Finish, as soon as you click on it, then you have to install these four software one by one. .

After installing all the software, a Crake Folder will appear above the setup, open it, copy all the files that are in it, now minimize it and come to Desk Top.

Here you will see Grand Ift Auto 5's Icon, right click on it and click on Option File Location, here you have to paste the copied file.
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Now a popup window will open in front of you, where you have to click on Replace the File in the Destination. Now you can open it by going to Desktop and double clicking on the application of GTA 5 Game.

GTA 5 Android Me Kaise Chalaye

We tell you for information that GTA 5 is not yet made for Android, so you cannot play the original version of GTA 5, but we have a way by which you can run GTA 5 mods by putting it in your Android.
Meaning we can put GTA 5's modes in GTA Sanandreas and run it just like GTA 5, in this car, all the GTA 5 cars will be just City Sanandreas.
If you also want to enjoy GTA 5 Game in your Android phone, then we are giving you a link in which first you have to install this application on your Android Phone Me, in this you will have many big games like – Gangstar Vegas, Gangstar Rio City , WWE, GTA Vicecity etc.

  • Download APK Mod And OBB File

First of all do the Scroll Down below, here you will see Apk Mod and Obb Fille, download it in your Android phone.
As soon as you click on this Download Button, then you have to wait for 5 seconds, after this you have to click on the Skip Ads above and then click on the Download Page. After downloading both the files in your phone, you have to download the Zip File Will happen.

Now download another file, this is the Patch File of GTA 5 Modes. As soon as you click on this link, then you will see a checkbox below the download, click on it and click on the Download Button.

Now you will have to install another file in your phone named Zarchiever, you can also download it from Playstore.

So you must have downloaded all the applications mentioned by us above into your Android Phone. Now first of all install GTA Sanandreas Application in your phone.

When the GTA Sanandreas App is downloaded, then open Zarchiver and from that open the Zip file of GTA Sanandreas.

As soon as you open the Zip file of GTA Sanandreas, there you will see a Folder named OBB, inside which there will be a Folder named Com.Rockstargames.GTAsa and copy it.

After copying the folder, go to Device Memory and after that there will be a Folder named Android, open it, then there will be a Folder named Obb, paste that Folder into Obb. It will take some time to paste.
note: If you have an Android phone of Samsung company, then go to Paste in Device Memory or if you have a phone from another company, then you will have to go to the SD card and process it.

After the file is completely copied, open GTA Sanandreas, then click on Offline, now your GTA Sanandreas has been completely converted to GTA 5, now click on Start Button. Now your cars, bikes with GTA 5 will start running like all GTA 5, now you can enjoy this game completely.


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