Registry Kaise Hoti Hai? Know Registry Ke Liye Dastavej

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Many people dream that they have their own house, if you sell or buy a house, then it is very important to have a registry for that house. Because if you make some mistake then you can get in a lot of trouble. Therefore it is very important to have a house registry.

Along with the registry of the house, its rules should also be known. What are the rules and regulations of the place where you are buying houses, know them. Registry laws are also different in many cities. If you are negligent in this, then you can be at a disadvantage, and you can also cheat, so you should know what Zameen Ki Registry Kaise Hoti Hai and its rules are.
So let's now know that if you are also getting your Plot Ki Registry done by Flat Ki Registry Kaise Hoti Hai then read this post Zameen Ki Registry Kaise Kare from beginning to end. Only then you will be able to get full information about it.

Registry Kaise Hoti Hai

To get Plot Ki Registry, you have to understand the entire process of its registration. Only then you can get your house registered properly:
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  • Remove property value

If you are buying a property or getting a house registry done, then before that you have to find the market value of your house or the land you have taken, what is its value in that area. And also know the official price of land in that area. You need a stamp duty paper to get the property registered.

  • Get stamp duty paper made

After this you have to buy stamp duty paper. You have to go to court to buy stamp duty paper. From there you can buy it. The amount of stamp duty is according to the state, this amount is different in every state.
Stamp duty papers are legally proof that you are the owner of the property, so it is very important to buy stamp duty. You can also buy this paper from here Stamp.Com online.

  • Get the papers to sell and buy land

Now you have to go to court and get the paper made to sell the land. Whoever is selling their land or plot will have to give it in writing that I have given this land in their name and now it is the owner and the property has been sold for so much.

  • Now go to Sub – Registrar

After doing this, you have to go to the Sub-Registrar with all the documents, who are selling the land and who are buying the land, both have to go together. And there should be two witnesses along with their identity card. On submitting the document, you will get a receipt and keep it with you.

  • Collect registry document

Now all your documents will be examined. These will be submitted when the document is correct. Now a few days later you will get the registry document from the registrar's office.
In this way you can get your house or plot registered. And for all this you need a lawyer.

Registry Ke Liye Dastavej

We are telling you which documents you need for the registry of the house. So let's know about the documents that are required to buy a house:
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  • The deed
  • Account certificate
  • General power of attorney
  • No objection certificate
  • Allotment letter
  • Property tax receipt
  • Identity card (Aadhaar card, PAN card)

Registry Ke Niyam

To register, you need to know its rules, so let's know about its rules:

  • You will need to attach a photocopy of your photo ID with the documents.
  • It is necessary to place a residential certificate with the power of attorney.
  • The document by which the land or plot is being sold should contain his full name, father's or husband's name, full address.
  • While giving the power of attorney of the house, the seller has to give five fingerprints.

Keep these things in mind when buying a house

If you are buying a house, then you should take care of some things. You may also get into trouble by taking the decision to buy a house in a hurry. So let's know these essential things that you must keep in mind while buying a house:

  • Know the background of any company or dealer you are purchasing land or plot. How many houses and plots he has sold so far.
  • While buying a property you should know in whose name the property is. And who is its real owner. This is the most important thing to know. And you should also see that there is no court case for land or house.
  • Advertisements should be avoided. Many people advertise on the Internet to sell their property, house and land. And if you are lured, then you should avoid them.
  • Before purchasing a land or house, complete information about its rules and regulations should be taken. Many cities have different rules of home registry and it is better to know these rules.
  • It is also very important to know what the property you are buying is worth in the market. Property is also valued according to that place. Therefore, know the real value of the property.


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