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Hello Friends Welcome to Hindi Sahayta. Today we are going to tell you Online Shikayat Kaise Kare If you also want to do CM Se Shikayat, then you are reading the perfect post. We will tell you through today's post that CM Se Shikayat Kaise Kare
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The government has made various schemes for the safety and convenience of the citizens and in view of the problem of the citizens, the government has launched a separate portal for listening to complaints online. Through which the citizens of the state can register their grievances, and find solutions to the problem.

Every day corruption in the country is increasing and the Prime Minister of the country is making many efforts to stop it. And citizens of the country can also complain to the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister online to eliminate this corruption. With the help of this, you can complain online while sitting at home.
So let's know now Online Shikayat Kaise Kare If you also want to make any kind of complaint, then read this post Mukhyamantri Se Shikayat Kaise Kare from beginning to end. Only then you will be able to get full information about it. And will be able to solve your problem.

Online Shikayat Kaise Kare

This is a major step taken by the government for the citizens of the state. Now the citizens of the country can solve their problems online at home.
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If any of your problems are not being heard, then you do not have to worry, you can easily communicate your complaint to the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister with the help of information portal.

CM Ko Online Shikayat Kaise Kare

CM Helpline has been started by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. Under this scheme, along with the resolution of the complaint, action is also taken against the government employee concerned with it, if he is found guilty. Let us now know CM Helpline Shikayat Kaise Kare:

To make a complaint in CM Helpline 181, you have to go to its official website CMhelpline.Mp.Gov.In

Now the second option is to click on the complaint / demand / suggestion.

A new window will open in which you will get some suggestions, read them carefully and click in the Accept check box and click on the I Accept button.

Now in the next page, the complainant has to fill his information, fill the information correctly.

The information related to the complaint has to be filled and the document related to the complaint scanned and attached in the form. And if there is no document related to it, then it is not necessary to attach.

After completing the complaint, click on the button to register the public complaint. After registering the complaint, you will get a complaint number and will also be sent to your registered mobile number. Keep the complaint number with you to know the status of the complaint.

PM Se Online Shikayat Kaise Kare

You can complain to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi at home, and get any redressal. So know PM Se Online Shikayat Kaise Kare:
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To make a complaint to the Prime Minister, you have to go to the official website of PMindia.

After going to the website Scroll Down, here you will get the option of Interact With PM, below this you will get 2 options:

  1. Share Your Ideas, Insights and Thoughts – You can give your suggestions by clicking on it. If you have any idea or suggestion then you can tell in this option.
  2. Write To The Prime Minister – In this option, you can write your complaint. If you want to make any kind of complaint, then you can write in it, click on it to make a complaint.

Now you will go to the page where you can write your complaint.

You have to give all your information in this form, you can also add the necessary documents with your form and submit your complaint.
So in this way you can complain to the Prime Minister of India online and get a solution to your problem.


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