Messenger Kya Hai? Facebook Messenger Kaise Chalaye

Hello Friends Welcome to Hindi Sahayta. In today's post we are going to tell you Messenger Kya Hota Hai If you do not have an account on Facebook and you want to use it, then you are reading the right post, because today you will know that Messenger Kaise Use Karte Hai
Messenger Me Offline Kaise Dikhe You will also know this today through this post. We will explain it to you in very simple language. Hope you like all our posts. Likewise, you continued to like all the posts on our blog.
Today everyone uses social media. Through this, stay connected with friends and relatives. Through social media, we can talk to any person living far away and send them your photo-videos and you can also make video calls with anyone through it.

There are many apps available on the Internet nowadays, so that you can talk to people you know all the time. You can not only talk to anyone through it, but you can also provide or get a lot of information on Facebook. Facebook also gets to know about the events happening in India and abroad.
So know that now Facebook Messenger Kya Hai if you also want to run Messenger, then read this post Messenger Kaise Chalaye from beginning to end. Only after reading the post till the end, you will get full information about it.

Messenger Kya Hota Hai

Facebook Messenger is an app by Facebook itself. Facebook is the world's most popular social networking site. Today this social site is the most used.

We first messaged on Facebook and shared photos, videos, but later Facebook Messenger was separated from Facebook, which was named Facebook Messenger.
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So if you want to make messages and video calls with Facebook Messenger, then you have to download Facebook Messenger separately. With the help of this, you can message your Facebook friends, Voice Call and Video Call without going to the Facebook website. Facebook Messenger can also be used on iPhone, Android and Windows.

Facebook Messenger Kaise Download Kare

If you too like Messenger Download Karna Hai then follow the steps given below:

Now download and install it.

Open the app after installing. If you already have a Facebook account, Messenger will be synchronized with it and click on Continue As.

After this, there will be an option to synchronize Saved Contact in your phone. The first option will be Turn On and the second option will be Not Now, which you can select according to yourself. Here we are selecting Turn On.

After selecting Turn On, you will see 3 messages. Allow all here.

Now after allowing everyone, you will get the option to update your phone number, then update it.

Your Messenger Installation is complete. You will see a message. Below that you have to click the Ok button.

Facebook Messenger Kaise Chalaye

After downloading Facebook Messenger, now let's see that Messenger Kaise Chalate Hai:

After downloading Messenger, open it.

At the bottom of its home page, you will see five options. The first option is Home Page where you get all the options.

Now after clicking on Person Icon, you can see which of your friends run Messenger and by clicking on active you can see which friends are online now.

You can make videos and photos by clicking on the camera's Icon. And can share with anyone.

After this, you can play the game by clicking on the option of Game.

At the last, you get a search option, here you can search someone.

Now above you get the option of Message. Whatever you message, it becomes Show here.

You can see which of your friends are currently online by clicking on Active.

In the option of Groups, you get all the groups in which you have Add. From here you can message in your group.

You can also make a voice call or video call to someone by clicking on the calls.

Messenger Ki Setting Kaise Kare

Follow the steps given below for setting up Messenger:

Open Messenger and click on your Profile Icon. You get a lot of options here. From where you can set up your Messenger.

You can set Notification of Messenger by clicking on Notification & Sound.

By clicking on it, you can write how your day went and select here who can see your My Day and who cannot. Similarly, you also get more options. Which you can set according to yourself.

Facebook Messenger Ke Features

You get many features in it. Which you can take advantage of, then you know what features you get in Facebook Messenger:

  • On this you can also play games with your friends.
  • In Messenger you can make video calls and voice calls to anyone.
  • You can also turn your location on and see which of your friends are near you.
  • In Messenger you can also send and send Voice Message.
  • With the help of Chat Heads, we can do other work in the phone as well as message.
  • You can give your photos and videos a fun look with Fun Art And Effect.

Messenger Par Last Seen Kaise Hide Kare

If you do not want to appear online on Messenger and also show your Last Seen, then you can hide your Last Seen by following the steps below:

First of all, you have to open Messenger in your phone. If you have not updated your Messenger, do so.

Tap On Profile Picture

After opening Messenger, you have to click on your Profile Picture.

Now a new page will open in which there will be an option of Availability and click on it.

Now you will see a button in the Right Side which will be On, Disable it.

After this, a pop up window will appear in front of you, in which you will see the Turn Off button and click on it.

Scroll down the page by backing it now. The option of Chat Heads will be seen below, it will be On, Disable it.

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Just your chat is done after that, if you live online on Messenger, no one will know that you are online.

Messenger Pe Group Kaise Banaye

You can also create a group on this and talk in your group:

To create a group, first open Messenger.

After this, you will get the option of Groups on the home page itself, click on it.

From here you can add all those you want to add to the group.

After that, you can name your group in the name option.

You can put a photo for your group in the camera option.

Now click on Create Group. Just now your group has been created.

Messenger Par Video Kaise Send Kare

Video can also be sent to anyone on Messenger. To send video, follow the steps given below:

Open your Messenger first.

Now open the chat of your friend to whom you want to send the video.

After opening the chat you will see the camera option at the bottom, you can make a video and send it. He will have the option of Gallery, clicking on it, you can send a Save Video to your Gallery.

Click on Icon of Gallery and select the video from your Gallery.

Now in Last you will see Arrow's Icon and click on it. On clicking the icon, your video is sent to your friend.

Messenger Par Message Kaise Delete Kare

Information about how to delete the message sent on Messenger is given further:

Open your Messenger.

After that, you will go to the chat whose message you want to delete.

  • Tap On Message And Delete

Now long press on the message you want to delete and click on delete option, your message will be deleted.

To delete the entire chat, you have to click on the I button at the top above.

After clicking on it, you will see 3 Dot above in front of the details, click on it and you can delete your entire Conversation by clicking Delete Conversation.

Messenger Par Unblock Kaise Kare

If you have blocked someone on Messenger, then you have been told some steps to unblock it:

First open Messenger.

Now you have to click on your Profile Icon.

In this, you get many options out of which you have to click on People's option.

Now click on Blocked People after this.

The names of whoever you have blocked will appear here, so click Unblock next to the name of whoever you want to block.

Now you will see the option of Unblock On Messenger, click on it.


In today's post you learned Facebook Messenger Kya Hai In addition, you also know that Messenger Ko Logout Kaise Kare hopes that the information given by us will be useful for you.
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