Pustak Samiksha Kya Hai? Pustak Samiksha Kaise Likhte Hain? Know in hindi

Hello Friends Welcome to Hindi Sahayta. In today's post we are going to tell you Pustak Samiksha Kaise Likhte Hain If you are also interested in reading a book and want to review a book, then you are reading the perfect post. With this you will know that Pustak Samiksha Kya Hoti Hai
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Many people still enjoy reading books. Everyone must have read the books. Even today many types of books are written which are read by many people. But giving your opinion on these books is also a good medium for those who want to read some kind of book which motivates them to read and not to read.

By writing a book review, you can express your views on a book, whether the book is good or bad, or what is your experience with this book. With this, if any person wants to read it, then he can make the idea of ​​reading that book by reading your book review.
So let's know What is book review This post for writing friends book review How To Write Book Review In Hindi Must read from beginning to end. You will get complete information only after reading the post till the end.

Pustak Samiksha Kya Hai

You must have read books at some point or the other. You must have read poems, stories, articles. After reading the book, telling about the book is called review of the book. It inspires someone to read or not to read the book. Your reaction to a book, article, story that may be good or bad is told in a book review. Book reviews provide readers with various aspects of the book.
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Book review objectives

The purpose of writing a book review is that it introduces readers to the book. Through book review, the reviewer clarifies the book or the book's creations, the author's work. The reader is introduced to the book by the reviewer.

Book review examples

The book review is divided into three sections so that you can understand it better.

  1. Introductory Review – It only gives a general introduction to the book.
  2. Analytical Review – Analytical review also analyzes the topic that is described in the book.
  3. Evaluation Review – It emphasizes critical and comparative evaluation and also compares with other books written on the same subject.

Book review format

Book review format You will know further how it should be.
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  1. Book name
  2. Author of the book
  3. Publisher name
  4. ISBN Number
  5. Book price
  6. About the book (12 lines)
  7. Learning from the book (2 lines)

How to write a book review

There is no definite way to write a book review, but it still has some points that make you a good Can write a book review.

  • Write short sentences related to the book

The entire story of the book should not be revealed. Just state it briefly. Leave it so that the reader can imagine it. Do not describe in detail the events that occur in the book. You can also mention in the book review that it is necessary to read other books in the book series so that the book can be read with pleasure.

  • What were you most impressed with in the book

Tell us about what you were most impressed with in the book, whatever you found attractive, the subject matter, the characters, or the plot could be anything or anything else. You can ask some questions about the book itself and write a book review based on their answers.

  1. Which characters influenced you more in the book and which characters did you like and why?
  2. Did the book make you laugh or make you cry?
  3. Did the characters look real to you?
  4. How were the scenes written? What were the scenes like – mystical scenes, romantic scenes, blissful scenes etc.
  5. Were you inspired by the dialogue?
  6. What kind of terminology was used?
  • Mention what you did not like in the book

You may have liked many passages in the book but there may be many excerpts from the book that have not influenced you in which the beginning of the story, the end of the story, the subject matter, the behavior of the letters can be described. .

  • Close the book review

You have to conclude the book review in such a way that this book attracts the readers. In which there can be young readers, adult readers can also be drama, romance, mystery can be anything. If you can compare this book with any other book, then include it as well.

  • Rate the book

You can evaluate the book as you give it a score. This will make the readers think whether the book should be read or not.


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