Pendrive Me Password Kaise Lagaye? Know in hindi

Hello Friends Welcome to Hindi Sahayta. In today's post we are going to tell you Pendrive Me Password Kaise Lagaye If you want to keep the password in your Pendrive and keep it safe, then you are reading the right post. Because today you will know that USB Pendrive Me Lock Kaise Lagaye
SD Card Me Lock Kaise Lagaye Too Today you will know through this post. We will explain it to you in very simple language. Hope you like all our posts. Similarly, you continued to like every post on our blog.
Nothing is safe in this world of technology. It has become very important to protect our personal data. There is a lot of data store in the computer such as photos, videos and many more files, but it is also necessary to store it when there is more data, for which we use Pendrive.

Sometimes it happens that you have to give someone to use your Pendrive, but due to your necessary data in it, you are not able to give your Pendrive to anyone because it is possible that they copy your important data or If ever Pendrive is stolen, then all your data can be stolen. So put a password on Pendrive.
By applying a password to Pendrive, your data can be protected. So let's know USB Pendrive Me Password Kaise Lagaye If you also want to put a password on your Pendrive but you do not know how to put a password on Pendrive, then you must read this post from beginning to end, only then you will get full information about it.

Pendrive Me Password Kaise Lagaye

To apply password on Pendrive, you have to follow the steps given below. By following these steps, you can apply password on your Pendrive.
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First connect your Pendrive to the computer.

After inserting Pendrive, go to My Computer in the computer, in which you will see the drive of Pendrive on Devices & Drivers. You can select any Drive and put a password on it. The same way to drive lock is the same.

Select your Pendrive and right click on it.

After clicking on Pendrive, you will see some options, from which you have to click on Turn On Bitlocker.

  • Use A Password To Unlock The Drive

After this, a new screen will now open in which you have to tick on Use A Password To Unlock The Drive and set your password. Re-enter the password under it and click on Next.

After entering the password, there will be a recovery option in the new page so that even if you forget the password, you can recover it. For this, you have to click on Save To A File.

Now a new screen will open in front of you, in this you will get 2 options. Select the previous option and click on Next.

After this, a window will open in front of you. In this, you have to click on the option of Start Encrypting in Last. Now the Encrypting Process will begin. After the process is complete, a password will be put on your Pendrive.

So you can put password on your Pendrive in this way, which is very simple and can protect your Pendrive data.

Memory Card Me Password Kaise Lagaye

Follow the steps given to put the password in the memory card of the mobile.
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First of all you have to go to your mobile settings.

After going to Settings, click on Security.

  • Click Encrypt External SD Card

In this, you get 2 options in Encryption. You have to click on Encrypt External Sd Card.

Now after this, the PIN of the mobile will be checked. If there is no pattern or pin lock on your mobile, then first install the pattern or pin lock in your mobile.

Now the option to enable Encryption will come in front of you on the screen, click on it.

If you want to encrypt the entire data of your SD Card, then click Yes. Then click on Continue.

Now you have to enter the password, you can enter any strong password.

After entering the password, you have to click on Apply.
Just after that the data of your memory card will start being encrypted. The more data you have in your card, the more time it will take to be encrypted. In this way, you can put a password on the SD card in your smartphone.


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