Jiofi Kya Hai? Jiofi Kaise Use Kare? Know in hindi

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Today we will show you through this post Jiofi Kya Hai Hindi Me Will tell about. So friends, you will know that in today's time, Reliance Jio is making a lot of buzz, just like Jio SIM, another device has been launched by Reliance, named Jiofi, which is quite popular right now.

Who does not know about Reliance Jio today, every person running the internet is well aware of it, this device launched by Jio is very popular, with the help of it you can create a Wi-Fi zone and with the help of it you can With the same Jio number, you can use the Internet in your entire family and you can also take it outside the home and can also use the Internet by creating a Wi-Fi zone with your friends.

So if you are also a Jio user and want to know about this new device of Jio, then let's know Jiofi Kya Hota Hai Stay tuned with our post from start to finish. We hope you will find answers to all your questions in our post today.

Jiofi Kya Hai

Jiofi is a small device that allows us to Helps in creating Wi-Fi Zone, with the help of which we can use the Internet with our family and friends from the same live number. Its special feature in 4g Speed ​​is that you can move it in your pocket and you will find it at any Reliance Digital Store.
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Jiofi Kaise Use Kare

First of all you have to Buy online and offline Jiofi from Reliance Digital Store. After that to use it, you must also have a SIM of Jio. To use Jiofi, first you need to insert the Xiao Sim in your Jiofi and then hold the Power Button for a while and your Jiofi will open. Now how will you know that the network has come in your Jiofi or not, it is very easy to know that you will see three options on Jiofi, which look like your Jiofi's battery, network, Wi-Fi.

Battery, Network, WiFi Process

If the battery of your Jiofi burns in blue color then the battery of your Jiofi is full, if the battery burns in green, then the battery is normal and if the battery burns in red then the battery is low, for the same process network and WiFi is also.

Jiofi Internet Access

So you have inserted your Jiofi SIM card and the network has also come in Jiofi, so now the next process is to connect Jiofi to your mobile so that you can access Internet through Jiofi. You can connect Jiofi to Mobile in the same way that you connect WiFi to your friends.

Jiofi Ka Password Kaise Pata Kare

When you If you turn on WiFi in the mobile phone, it will scan your Jiofi, and after clicking on it, it will ask you the password of Jiofi. So how to find the password, you have to open your Jiofi and remove its battery, just below that you will find the Jiofi Password.

Jiofi Ka Password Kaise Change Kare

To change the password of Jiofi is very easy, for this you need this link Http: //Jiofi.Local.Html/ On your Username and To login with a password, you must be thinking that Username, Where will you get the password? So for this follow our Steps Step by Step below.

Step: 1 Your Jiofi Details

First of all, you have to open Jiofi and remove its battery under it. Username, You will get the password here, you will get all the details of Jiofi.

Step: 2 Open Url And Login

Now by opening that URL Username, Login with the help of password. After the Jiofi login, the home page of the Jiofi device will be opened in front of you.

Step: 3 Click On Setting

Now you have to click on Wi-Fi after clicking on Setting to change the password, after that you will get lots of options. In which your password will be on the option with Security Key.

Step: 4 Create New Password

Password To change you need to backspace your new After typing Password and clicking on Apply, you have to click on Ok. After that your device will be Restart and after that your New Password will be set and from here you can also do the rest of your device setting.
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Jiofi Se Call Kaise Kare

For this you have It is important to have a Jiofi device, if you have a Jiofi device, just connect it to WiFi and do some setting, after that you can do free calling..

Step: 1 Install App

First of all you Jio 4g Voice App Download and install.

Step: 2 Login Jio 4g Voice App

Now you have to find out which Alert Name Sim Number you gave while buying Jio SIM for Jiofi device because an OTP will come to that number while login in Jio 4g Voice App.

Step: 3 Connect Phone

Now Jiofi Device Turn on and connect to your phone.

Step: 4 Open Jio 4g Voice App

Now you open Jio 4g Voice App, then you will see something like this Jiofi Jiofi3 _95e774 on which you have to click, this code appears in different name in every device..

Step: 5 Enter OTP

Then an OTP will come on your Alternate Number, enter it or if that number is in your mobile, then Automatic will generate OTP then Jio 4g Voice Online will be written in your Mobile's Notification Bar..
Congratulation has now become Jiofi Free Calling Active in your mobile, so now you can use it.

Jiofi Router Kya Hai

This is a wireless Router which is very small Router in today's time, you can also carry it around in your pocket, you can connect all your devices like Android Phone, Ipad, Iphone, Computer, Laptop, etc. and all I can run Free Internet. In Jiofi Router you can connect 5-6 not all 10 devices at once.. The official price of Jiofi Router is 1999 Rupee..

Jiofi Router Ki Speed ​​Kaise Badhaye

Router has 1 to 11 channels. If you see the problem in Router Signal, then you can change the channel and try it, for this you should have software that can analyze which channel is empty and which is better for your system. is.

  • Place the wireless router in a place where there is no network problem.
  • If you relocate the Router's Signal Slow, then the speed will also increase.
  • Router should never be placed on the ground because by doing so, it is not known by Signal Capture.
  • To keep the Router from overheating, do not keep it above the TV in an open space and behind the curtain and covered with cloth.

Jiofi Me Wps Kya Hai

The full name of Wps is Wi-Fi Protected Setup. This is a button on the router. By pressing this, we can connect to Wi-Fi, through this we can connect our wireless device to Wi-Fi without entering the password and it gives us Provides protected network connection.


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