Hacking Kya Hai? Hacking Ke Prakar Kitne Hote Hai Know

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Today we will know about What Is Hacking In Hindi, Nowadays the use of Computer and Mobile has increased so much that people are also using it wrongly, Crime is increasing in the world of Mobile and Computer, one of them is Hacking. .

Today, most people use the Internet, Internet usage is increasing day by day, and at the same time it is also being used for wrong things. Do you know that someone can steal all your important information while sitting away? Means you can hack it.

We can use Hacking for the right things and also for the wrong things, if you also want to know about Hacking, then in today's article Hacking Meaning In Hindi you will be given information about Hacking, just this post You must read it from beginning to end.

Hacking Kya Hai

Hack Ka Matlab is a person remotely login to your social account, website, computer, mobile, bank account without your permission, it means that person has hacked your computer, social media profile.

After login, he can do anything in it or maybe he is using it incorrectly, he completely controls your system.

For example, if someone has hacked your mobile, then he can know his complete information, can remove your photo from your mobile or can do many more.

This work is called Hacking and the people who do this work are called Hacker, Hacking works on all Online Device System.

Hacking Ke Prakar

Although there are many types of Hacking, Hacking can be done in many ways but some Hacking is being used more, further you are telling Hacking Ke Prakar:

Password Hacking

You have to login to any website or account, Hacker can access the account by hacking the password of whatever account you want.

Computer Hacking

By hacking computer, Hacker gets control over its system and files, Computer Hacking is done to hack any personal information or file from computer.

Social hacking

In today's time, the social network is being used a lot, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, everything is available for social sharing, many hackers target the most to hack social accounts, nowadays social hacking is very popular.

Mobile Hacking

Everybody is using mobile today, most of the work is done by mobile today and most of our accounts also remain in mobile, if someone's mobile is hacked, then all the details are available.

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Types Of Hackers

There are 3 types of main hackers which we are telling you below:

White Hat Hackers are those who do any kind of Hacking with Permission, or do a job in a company to help the company, who work legally to help someone, who can take someone's permission They break the security, they check whether the company's data is secure or not, whether that security can be broken easily or not.

Black Hat Hackers are hackers who break the security of your system without anyone's permission and steal your computer, website, personal data, and hack someone else for their own benefit.

Their intention is wrong and they hack for wrong things and find out all your information and also Demand money in exchange for those information.

Gray Hat Hacker comes in such hackers who do not have any ulterior motive to know someone's personal information, they either hack someone's information or data for practice, or just fun hacking Gray Hat Hacker someone Do not harm

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Ethical Hacking Kya Hai

You have come to know the type of Hacking, and you must have known how and what type of Hacking is, now we will tell you about Ethical Hacking.

What Is Ethical Hacking In Hindi

Ethical Hacking is the Hacking in which Hacker Hacking with Permission, Increases System Security, Hacker Follows First few Rules for Ethical Hacking, Before He Hacks Things That He Owns Permission From Its Owner Is

Legal Hacking Kya Hoti Hai

Legal Hacking is called Ethical Hacking, which is done legally, you can increase your security even more, White Hack Hacker is included in Legal Hacking because White Hat Hacking is Legal Hacking only because It is done that there is no deficiency in the system.

Illegal Hacking Kya Hoti Hai

Illegal Hacking means that hackers who hack without taking permission are called Illegal Hacking, and due to which hackers do wrong work, and which is illegal Hacking, it does not keep your data and personal information secure. , Black Hat Hacker and Gray Hat Hacker are included in it.

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