Fingerprint Lock Kaise Kare? Pattern Lock Kaise Lagaye? Know in hindi

Hello guys Hindi Sahayta You are welcome here. In today's post we are going to tell you Fingerprint lock kaise kare Do you also want to install Fingerprint Lock in your mobile, then you are reading the right post. Along with this, you will also know that Pattern Lock Kaise Lagaye
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Everyone uses mobile today. Today, every type of necessary data is saved in mobile. Therefore it is necessary to put a password in the mobile. Through which your important data can be protected. So that no one will be able to use your mobile without asking you.

You can also use Fingerprint Lock for high security of your mobile. This is the most secure lock. So that no one can unlock your mobile. Anyone can open Password Lock. If someone sees your password once in your mobile, then they can easily unlock your mobile.

So let's know Fingerprint Lock Kaise Lagate Hai If you also want to install Fingerprint Lock in your mobile then this post Android Phone Me Fingerprint Lock Kaise Lagaye Must read from beginning to end. You will get complete information only after reading the post till the end.

Fingerprint lock kaise kare

If you want to install Fingerprint Lock in your mobile, then for this you have to download an App. With the help of which you can install Fingerprint Lock in your mobile. The name of the app we are telling you about is ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner, so you know by downloading it Fingerprint Lock Lagane Ka Tarika
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Step: 1 Download App

First of all, you have to download this App ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner in your mobile.

Step: 2 Install App

Download this app and install it on your mobile.

Step: 3 Open App

Now install the app and open it in your mobile.

Step: 4 Tap On Continue

Popup of Create Pin will come after the app is open, here you have to click on the Continue button.

Step: 5 Enter Password

Now you have to set Pin. Enter your password here, this is because if you are unable to use Fingerprint for any reason, you can unlock the phone by entering the password.

Step: 6 Tap On Responses Go

After this, now in the new page, you have to tick and accept the license and click on Go.

Step: 7 Select A Finger

Now left and right two hands will appear on your mobile screen. Select the hand finger you want to lock with.

Step: 8 Scan Your Finger

After this, the camera will open. It has to scan your finger for 7 times. You must have scanned properly, then after that, Match Confirmed will come here. Click on Use This Fingerprint here.

Just now Fingerprint Scanner Lock will be found in your mobile. In this way, you can easily install Fingerprint Lock in your mobile.

Fingerprint lock kaise hataye

If you have installed Fingerprint Lock in your mobile and you want to remove it, then follow the steps given below. So let's know further Fingerprint Lock Hatane Ka Tarika
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Step: 1 Go To Setting

First of all go to the setting of your mobile.

Step: 2 Tap On Fingerprint

In setting, you will get the option of Fingerprint, click on it.

Step: 3 Scan Your Fingerprint

Now scan your Finger with which you installed Fingerprint Lock.

Step: 4 Tap On Backup Password

By clicking on Backup Password, enter the password that you entered while applying Fingerprint Lock.

Step: 5 Tap On Edit

And now click on Edit.

Step: 6 Fingerprint To Delete

Now you will see Fingerprint To Delete written and tick it.

Step: 7 Tap On Remove

After this, the option of Remove will appear and click on it.
So in this way you can remove your fingerprint lock.

Pattern Lock Kaise Lagaye

Pattern Lock is very easy to install in mobile. You can apply Pattern Lock in mobile by following the steps given below. Let's know Pattern Lock Lagane Ka Tarika

Step: 1 Go To Mobile Setting

First of all go to the setting of your mobile.

Step: 2 Security

Click on Security in Settings.

Step: 3 Tap On Lock Screen

Click on Lock Screen in Security.

Step: 4 Screen Lock

Now click on Screen Lock.

Step: 5 Select Option

In this you get 3 options. To apply the lock you want to use, click on it.

  • Pattern – In this you can apply Pattern Lock on your mobile. After setting pattern lock, pattern has to be configured and pattern lock is installed in the mobile.
  • Pin – Pin of 4 numbers is to be entered in this option, anyone between 0 and 9 digits can use 4 digits.
  • Password – With this option you can use High Security in your mobile. In this, you can use Number (0-9), Character (A-z), Special Character (Symbol).

Pattern Lock Kaise Hataye

If you have forgotten the password of your mobile, then for this we are telling you two ways by which you can easily remove the password without any help.

Method 1. Reset Data / Factory

Step: 1 Switch Off

First of all, you have to switch off your mobile.

Step: 2 Remove Battery

Now separate the battery and re-attach it.

Step: 3 Press Powerkey + Volume Up Key

After this, press (Powerkey + Volume Up Key) simultaneously. If there is a Home Key in the mobile, then press it together.

Step: 4 Again – Remove Battery

If no Symbol is coming on the screen, remove the battery again.

Step: 5 Press Power Key + Volume Down Key

Now press (Powerkey + Volume Down Key) simultaneously for 5 seconds.

Step: 6 Use Volume Up / Down

After this, you have to use Volume Up / Down to select (Wipe Data / Factory Reset) on the screen of the mobile.

Step: 7 Press Power Key Button

Now press the power key button to Ok.
After this, your mobile will be reset and Pattern Lock will be removed from your mobile and along with it all the data of your mobile will be deleted.

Method 2. Aroma File Manager

The method we have given you above can be your mobile format. But by using this method, you can remove Pattern Lock without doing your data loss. So let's know Pattern Lock Hatane Ka Tarika

Step: 1 Save Aroma File Manager

For this, you have to save Aroma File Manager in your internal or external memory. If you are unable to access any memory, then take out your external memory and save it to Aroma File Manager and insert it into the SD Card Slot.

Step: 2 Phone Recovery Mode

Now you have to go to the Recovery Mode of the phone. For this, press Volume Up + Power Button simultaneously.

Step: 3 Install Zip From SD Card

In Recovery Mode, you have to select the option of Install Zip From SD Card.

Step: 4 Select Location

Select the location of where you have saved Aroma File Manager.

Step: 5 Enable Automount All Device On Start

In the setting of Aroma File Manager, Automount All Device On Start will get this option, enable it.

Step: 6 Open System Folder

System Folder will be inside the Data Folder to open it.

Step: 7 Find Gesture.Key Then Delete

After this you find the file containing Gesture.Key and delete it.

Step: 8 Reboot Your Phone

After this, reboot the phone. Now your Pattern Lock will be removed from your phone.
In this way, you can remove Pattern Lock from your phone using Aroma File Manager.


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