Modem Kya Hai? Know how many are Modem Ke Prakar

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Modem is very important in the field of computer, Modem used to be big and outside of computer but now it has become small, in this post we will give you all the information related to Modem about types and fuctions of Modems In Hindi Will tell

There are many devices in the computer, among them Modem is a device that is used by the computer for some different tasks, Modem is needed to get the facility of Internet, more about Modem. You will also get to know about Modem and Its Types In Hindi today.

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Modem kya hai

The term Modem is made up of two words, consisting of the Modulator's MO and the Demodulator's Dem, indicating its functionality, Modem is used to send data from a Telephone or Cable to a Computer.

Works on Computer Network Digital Mode, Internet cannot be understood without Modem, Modem itself connects us with the help of Phone Line from Internet or helps to connect, Modem's speed is Bit Per Second (BPS), Kilobyte Per Second (KBPS) is measured in Megabyte Per Second (MBPS).

Modem Ke Functions

Although Modem has many functions, but we will tell you about some important functions of Modem, that is what Modem works-

  • Modem's Modulator fixes the Digital Signal going from the Computer and the rest from the Digital Device, the function of the Modem is to Modulate the Analog Signal coming from our Telephone Line and convert it to such Digital Signal which our Computer can easily understand by reading Get
  • Demodulate the signal coming from the computer, change it to Analog Signal and send it back again and this process is called Modulation and Demodulation.
  • Modem is mostly used in Network Area, Modem works as a means of communication between different Network or Lan and a different world.
  • A modem connects our computer to a standard phone line or cable, from which we can send or receive data.
  • Modem is a Conversation Tool that converts the Signal of one Device into a Signal that can be read by another Device.

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Modem ke prakar

You have understood the works of Modem, now we will tell you how many types of Modem are there.

Broadband Modem, known as High Speed ​​Modem, uses Advance Signaling Technique to achieve high speed compared to Broadband Modem Traditional Dial Up used for DSL or Cable Internet Access. Some Broadband Routers have a Hardware Intigrated Modem is included.

Dial-up Modem requires full use of the Local Telephone Line, which means that you can either run the Internet or make a voice call at a time.

Convert data between Dial Up Network, Traditional Modem, Analog Form used on Telephone Lines and Digital Form used on Computer.

Removable Modem is used with the old Laptop Pcmcia Slot and can be added or removed as needed.

Onboard Modem is a Modem built on the motherboard, this modem cannot be removed, but can be unable via a Jumper or CMOS Setup.

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Internal Modem Kya Hota Hai

Next, we will learn about Internal Modem, Internal Modem Kya Hota Hai and how it is used.

What is Internal Modem?

Internal Modem is inside the computer, this is a Modem that is installed in the desktop and laptop from inside, Internal Modem uses only the power of the computer, such mobiles in which we use the Internet Internal Modem is used.

External Modem Kya Hota Hai

External Modem is excluded and connects to the Serial or Usb Port in the computer, such Modem which needs to be connected from outside in the Computer System needs separate power supply and is connected to a Cable in the Computer called External Modem.

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