Sunburn Kaise Hota Hai? – Sunburn symptoms, causes, home remedies and treatment

Sunburn's problem is mostly seen during the summer season. Due to prolonged exposure to the sun, sunburn occurs and the skin becomes completely scorched. If sunburn is not treated on time, it can also cause skin cancer, but now you do not need to panic because today we will tell you that Sunburn Ko Kaise Thik Kare

The rays from the sun directly affect the skin. As the summer season starts, we have to take special care of the skin, because sunburn in summer can cause a lot of damage to the skin which is not cured for a long time. So let's know now Sunburn se chutkara How to get rid of the troubles caused by Sunburn.

Sunburn Kaise Hota Hai (What Causes Redness in the Face)

Sun burn There are many reasons for this, some of these are the main reasons mentioned below.

  • Sunburn is also caused due to prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • People who live in high places where the sun's rays reach easily, the people there also get sunburn quickly.
  • Sun burn also occurs when ultraviolet rays fall on the skin.
  • Sun burn quickly occurs due to lack of melanin in the body.

Sunburn Ke Lakshan

Symptoms of sunburn can be seen only after a short time. Sunburn Symptoms start appearing after 12 or 24 hours.

  • Inflammation appears on the affected area due to sunburn.
  • Small blisters also occur on the body which can also break.
  • The skin also becomes warm due to sunburn.
  • Redness appears on the face.
  • Itching, pain, etc. on the skin can be a problem.
  • If the sunburn has become more, then fever also occurs.
  • Problems like headache and fatigue also occur.

Sunburn Ke Gharelu Nuskhe (Homemade Tips for Sunburn Skin In Hindi)

Using home remedy is very beneficial when sunburn occurs. It does not cause any harm on the skin. These household items are easily found in every household. Let's know Sunburn Kaise Thik Kare

  • Sunburn Kaise Dur Kare – Apple Cider Vinegar Acetic acid is found in apple vinegar. It helps in improving the tone of the face. Apple vinegar provides relief from inflammation and irritation caused by sunburn.
  • Dhoop Se Jali Skin Ka Ilaj- with Multani Mitti Applying multani mitti paste provides coolness to the skin and also improves the face. Multani mitti is a very effective recipe in Sunburn Ke Nuskhe.
  • Cucumber – Cucumber maintains moisture in the skin. It also helps in reducing the irritation caused by sunburn and Redness In Eyes (red eyes) is also beneficial for him.
  • Aloe vera – Aloe vera is very helpful for sunburned skin, it reduces the effect of sunburn by clearing the skin.
  • Sunbum Kaise Thik Hoga with turmeric-sandalwood paste Applying turmeric sandal paste in summer is also very beneficial. This reduces skin irritation due to heat.
  • Sunburn Kaise Kam Kare – Yogurt It is very comfortable to use yogurt in Sunburn Ke Liye Gharelu Nuskhe. Yogurt keeps the body cool. The redness that comes on the face due to sunlight can also be reduced with the use of curd.
    Rose water, lemon and cucumber juice – these three ingredients can be used as Sun Burn Remover.

Sunburn se kaise bache

If you stay in the sun for a long time then it is normal to have sunburn but you have to get out in the sun and you want to avoid sunburn then below Sunburn se bachne ke upay Can adopt

  • Use Sunburn Cream with 30 SPF every time you step out in the sun.
  • Before coming out in the sun, wear sunglasses and cover the body completely and get out only.
  • Sunburn can also be avoided by using regular cold milk, apply cold milk on the face daily.
  • In summer, he wore light colored clothes and loose clothes.
  • Drink as much water as possible in summer.

Sunburn Treatments

If you are over sunburn, have a doctor get sunburn skin treatment immediately. For the skin affected by Sunburn, you can also use Sunburn Ke Liye Cream after consulting a doctor. But do not use any kind of sunburn cream without doctor's advice.


Which you need to avoid sunburn in the summer season Sunburn ke liye upay It is said that those measures must be used. If the skin color also fades due to strong sunlight in summer Sunburn Ke Gharelu Nuskhe You can also improve your skin tone by adopting. Share this post with your friends as well and tell them that Sunburn Ka Ilaj Kaise Kare Friends, if you have received some help from this post, do like it, thank you!

note:- From the information given in our article, we do not claim that it is completely accurate, so before taking these measures, please consult the concerned physician once.


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