English Bolna Sikhe? – Learn and speak fluent English with these 5 easy ways!

Friends, do you know that English is the third most spoken language in the world, which is spoken in other countries besides India. Today learn english and Conversation in english It has become very important to do it, because English speakers are given more importance wherever they look. Everyone wants to learn to speak English but they don't know that English Bolna Kaise Sikhe So our post today is for those who want to learn to speak and write English.

In today's era, English is very important, whether it is to get a job, to go out somewhere or to work in any big company, etc. You must also speak and read good English. Today if your qualification is low but you can speak good English, then you will be respected and you will be given the status of a superior person, because in today's time, who knows how to speak and read good English is respected.

If you do not know English too and you also want to learn English, then today we want to speak English and English Padna Sikhne Ka Aasan Tarika If we tell you, let's know about them.

English Bolna Kaise Sikhe

As we know that English is an international language, which is not so difficult to learn, just you should want to learn, because there is no work that you could not do, just a little hard work is required. is. Then you will be able to speak and read fluent English in no time, because in today's age if your qualification is low but you can speak good English, then everyone will respect you.

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English Sikhne Ka Tarika

If you are also a student of Hindi medium or you have been a Hindi medium, then there is nothing to fear, you can also learn to speak good English, just follow Ways to learn to speak english.


The first language of most people in India is Hindi or some other language of their own, people who want to learn to speak English must first know the English grammar. English grammar has many rules.

If you are preparing for any competitive exam then you will have to read the entire grammar or if you just want to learn to speak English, then there is no need to learn the whole grammar. Rule of reading english Read the basic rules and follow them.

Knowledge of grammar is necessary for learning English, to learn grammar, you can buy from any good book market and understand the rules from it. You can learn about English Grammar Kaise Sikhe from our help of this post.


About one person needs 1000–1200 words to communicate in a normal way, the rest of the words we learn from our habit of practicing slowly, we do not have to fall into the trap of words and do not cram them.

The best way to learn words is to take 5 words out of the dictionary every day and write them in a place where your attention goes many times a day, you can do this work at your office table or working place. Have read and remember those words many times a day.

Start thinking in english

The most important environment for speaking English is the atmosphere (mahol). If the environment around you is such that where the English language is used, then you can soon learn to speak English and if there is no such atmosphere around you then you can create (Can) be made.

To make Mahol, you have to transfer your thinking ability in English, like if you see something or think about something, then till now you were thinking in Hindi, but from today you Start thinking everything in English. If you have grammar or spelling mistake, then come, because you are limited to yourself, then there is nothing to fear.

Read books

The best way to learn English is to read books, you must give an hour daily to read the book. You can buy any English book of your choice from the market, after buying the book, you start reading from its first page.

All you have to do is read aloud the words written in that book, and write the words in the note book which you do not know the meaning or are unable to pronounce.

Friends, do not think that you do not know the meaning of any word and do not get frustrated, you just keep writing the words and after reading the book for half an hour, leave it marked. After this, pick up your dictionary and find all the words that you have noted in the note book.

Now write those words with their meaning and memorize the meaning of those words with spelling when you feel that you have memorized all the words in which you used to stop, after that you read the same book and the same page again. And then see, now you will not be stuck at all this time.

After that you started reading after the mark where you had put the mark and repeat the same process, you will get a lot of new words in the first 10-15 pages, after that you will be able to read fast and by the end of the book you will have learned many new words . With this you will be able to learn the speed of reading and how to speak.

Take care of daily things

Friends you can use your daily things English speaking reading You can learn, like – you can read an English newspaper or any English magazine instead of whatever newspaper you read in the morning. If you watch TV, you can watch Hollywood movies to learn English on that too. Many news channels are also broadcast in English, you can also watch them. While watching an English movie, you can understand it with the help of its subtitle, this will also increase your ability to listen to English.

English Padhna Sikhe App Se

If you have a smartphone phone, you can also learn English through it. There are many such applications for learning English at play store and elsewhere which are free, and very helpful for learning English. This application helps you learn English in many ways and also takes its test.

After this, if you meet friends, do a group discussion with them, if you speak any wrong words or you do not get spelled, then you should not panic at all, dare a little, take out the fear in you, they are your friends, you talk to them openly Can do on any topic.

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Yes friends speak english and English Padna Sikhne Ke Liye Use these easy methods in your daily life, which will help you a lot in improving your English. If you are determined then there is no big problem, just we should have the spirit to learn inside. There is a saying that you must have heard – “Wake up then dawn”!

This is a very good example that tells us that it is never too late to do any work, we can start anything from today but from now on and learning English is not a big deal nor for this Is an age.

So how did you like to comment our post and share it with your friends so that they too can learn to speak and write English.


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