Run WhatsApp in Computer / Laptop in these 2 very simple ways!

Do you know that on an average, users check WhatsApp more than 23 times a day because WhatsApp is the most popular application in the world, which is being used by crores of people all over the world. Today you will find WhatsApp near every smartphone user, we all know that using Whatsapp is very easy, so even the uneducated user can use it easily.

We get many features on WhatsApp, in this we can share Messages, Photos, Videos, Files etc. But do you know that apart from mobile, you can run WhatsApp on your computer and laptop as well. If you are working in an office and cannot run WhatsApp in your mobile, then today we will tell you how you are working in your home or office. Computer / Laptop Me WhatsApp Can run

So let's tell you now in computer / laptop WhatsApp Chalane Ka Tarika With which you will also be able to easily run WhatsApp in a computer / laptop like your phone.

Computer / Laptop Me WhatsApp Kaise Chalaye

Friends, when WhatsApp was initially launched, it was made only for smartphone users, but over time WhatsApp added many of its features, one of which was the computer /How to run whatsapp on laptop it's also. This feature proved to be very good for those people who spend most of their time on computer or laptop, now the user will not have to look at the mobile to check the message again and again. Apart from this, if a file or document is in our computer / laptop then we will not have to transfer it to our mobile, we can connect the WhatsApp to the computer / laptop and directly share the file or document with it.

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Today we are telling you 2 easy ways of how to run WhatsApp in computer, these two ways are very easy, so let's start.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is the first way to run WhatsApp Messenger, through this you can run WhatsApp Messenger in any computer or laptop without installing WhatsApp, if you are using your laptop or Computer Me Whatsapp Chalana If you want, then you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Type WhatsApp Web

First of all, open any browser in your computer or laptop and type WhatsApp Web in it.

Step 2: Scan QR Code

On searching, open the first link you see on the WhatsApp website by clicking on it. You can also open WhatsApp's website by clicking here As soon as you open WhatsApp's website, you will see a QR Code there, you will have to scan that QR Code.

Step 3: Click On WhatsApp Web

To scan the QR Code, you have to open WhatsApp Messenger in your mobile and click on it at the top 3 points (WhatsApp Menu) and click on WhatsApp Web. Now your mobile camera will open, you scan the QR Code.

After QR Code Scan, your WhatsApp Messenger will be visible in your computer or laptop, so this is your first way through which you can run WhatsApp in Computer / Laptop.

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WhatsApp Setup Download

Laptop Me Whatsapp Chalane Ke Liye is another way, this is an easy way to download WhatsApp Setup. You can download it from your laptop or Computer Me Whatsapp Chala Sakte Hai, In this, you have to download WhatsApp Setup once, so that we can avoid scanning the QR Code again and again and also keep it on the desktop. For this you do not need to put any other software. This is WhatsApp's Orignal Software which is available on WhatsApp's official website. To download WhatsApp Setup, you have to follow some steps given below.

Step 1: Download WhatsApp Setup

First of all, open any browser in your computer or laptop and type WhatsApp into it. Now open the first link you are seeing of the WhatsApp website. You can also open WhatsApp website by clicking here and download WhatsApp Setup on your Computer / Laptop.

Step 2: Scan QR Code

After downloading whatsapp setup, whatsapp install kare, after installing whatsapp, whatsapp will come to your desktop, now double click and open whatsapp. After opening WhatsApp, you will see a QR Code Scan in it, you will have to do QR Code Scan in the same way as mentioned earlier.

Step 3: WhatsApp Messenger Run On Computer / Laptop

After QR Code Scan, your WhatsApp Messenger will start working in your computer and laptop, this is the easiest and safest way. Once you have WhatsApp Setup Download and Install Kare in your computer or laptop, then you can send and receive photos, videos, documents, along with unlimited talk to your friends and relatives by scanning the QR Code.

Do not see how easy it is to download WhatsApp Messenger on your computer and laptop.

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note: WhatsApp Messenger will run on your computer only when WhatsApp will be installed in your mobile too, if you have uninstalled WhatsApp Messenger from your mobile then your Computer / Laptop Me WhatsApp will not work.


so friends Computer Me WhatsApp Chalane Ka Tarika How do you like it? Today we told you that by going to the WhatsApp website and scanning the QR Code, how do we Computer / Laptop Me WhatsApp Can run and with this, today we learned that by downloading WhatsApp Setup on your Computer / Laptop, we can run WhatsApp Messenger without any browser and without scanning the QR Code repeatedly.

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