How to do Software Testing?

Whenever something is developed, it is important to test it. So that there is no loss after using it. Likewise, when software is made, software testing is done to ascertain its quality. To know about the types of software, this post must take the help of this post Computer Software Kya Hota Hai and Software Kitne Prakar Ke Hote Hai. So today we will tell you about software testing in detail.

If there is a slight malfunction in the software, it can cause huge losses. Work is done by the development team to create a software and then the software tester works to make the software error free. So let's now know in detail what software testing is. After getting this information, you Software Testing Course Can also do.

Software Testing Kya Hai

After software is created, it is seen through software testing that there is no error in the software and after the error is made it is error free. Some errors can also cause more damage. Looking at the requirement of the user, the quality of the software is detected so that the user can use it without any hassle.

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Software Testing Kaise Karte Hai

Software testing is done in three ways which are explained below.

Black box testing

This type of testing does not require software code. The tester does not know how to work on the input.

White box testing

Software code is taken care of in white box testing. The tester tests internal logic through software code. White box testing is usually done at the unit level.

Gray box testing

In this testing, the tester already has the design and access to the database, so that the software can be tested more thoroughly.

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Software Testing Tools

The tools that are used for software testing are explained to you further.

  • Silktest
  • Selenium
  • Winrunner
  • Loadrunner
  • Watir
  • Robotium
  • Testcomplete
  • Testing anywhere
  • HP Quicktest Professional

Software Testing Course

Software testing courses are conducted in many institutes, in which you can do diploma courses and certificate courses. Many institutes take BCA, BE, MSc, BSc, BTech, MTech degrees to do Software Testing Course.

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Software Testing Jobs

If you do Software Testing Course then after this you can work in a good IT software company. Many software companies recruit software testers.


Software Testing Only after a software meets the user's requirements. It takes a lot of hard work to create a software, so testing is done first and then it is launched for users to use so that the software can work without any hassle. Friends, do share this post with your friends and if you liked the post then don't forget to like the post, thanks!


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