Youtube Se Video Kaise Download Kare? 3 Easy Tricks

Hello friends Welcome to Hindi Sahayta. Today we will tell you about a very good topic named Youtube Se Video Kaise Download Kare We had told in our previous post that Trading Account Kya Hai hope that you will like that post.

Youtube is one such website in the world where every type of video is available, sometimes it happens when we are watching a video on Youtube and we like that video, then we think that Youtube Ki Video Gallery Me Kaise Save Kare so that we can see it later or offline.

There are almost all types of videos on YouTube, many people use it as tuition to study, many people to learn music, some people to learn yoga, everyone can do it according to their choice. They live, which also consumes your data and due to the Slow Network, video buffering also spoils your time.

When you also run Youtube and sometimes it happens when a favorite song of yours is shown, or you see a video that you want to share with your friends or make your Whatsapp Status, then you have many times Thought that Youtube Se Video Download What is Karne Ka Tarika?

Who does not have time to watch online video, he thinks that Youtube Se Video Kasie Download Kare so that he can save Youtube Ki Video Gallery Me and watch it offline in his free time.

So friends, today we will definitely answer your question, along with this, today you will tell you in mobile and computer Youtube Se Video Download Karne Ka Tarika In Hindi. Now we are going to tell you that Youtube Se Video Kasie Download Kare, let's start.

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Youtube Se Video Kaise Save Kare

Downloading video from Youtube in computer is very easy, just you have to change your URLs in a little bit, after that your video will start downloading from YouTube. Let's understand Step By Step.

● First of all, you want to open whatever you want to download from Video Youtube, when the Video Page is open then go to the Url Bar.

● After that all you have to do is put “ss” after “www.” When you type “ss” in the URL of your video, then click on the Enter button.

● After clicking, your page will be Reload and you will have your video in front of it and there will be an option of Download Video in front of it.

● Now you can select any size, resolution and format and click on the Download button, your video will start downloading.

In this way you can download videos from Youtube in both your mobile and computer, you will have to repeat the same process in mobile.

So friends, did you not see how easy it was Youtube Se Video Download Karne Ka Tarika, this thing happened in the computer Youtube Se Video Kaise Save Kare, now it comes that if the download speed of your internet is low and you repeatedly website URL If you want to avoid applying “ss” to change, then you can do it in mobile in two ways Video Gallery Me Save Kar Skte Hai

If you have a mobile or someone who runs Youtube in mobile and wants to Youtube Ki Video Gallery Me Kaise Save Kare, then you just read our post, we also tell you this in today's post.

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Mobile Me Youtube Se Video Kaise Download Kare

Just as it is very easy to download video from Youtube in computer, similarly downloading Mobile Me Youtube Se Video is also very easy. There are many ways to download Mobile Me Youtube Se Video, but today we will tell you two new and easiest ways so that you can download your Mobile Me Youtube Se Video without any hassle.

First Way – Youtube App

● First of all you have to go to Google Play Store in your mobile phone and search Youtube and download the application of Youtube. If you do not have an Android phone, then you can go to your phone store and download the Youtube App from there. It is available for all platforms.
● After downloading the YouTube app, open it, then open the video you want to download.

● After opening your video will start playing and the download logo will appear on your Right Hand Sight, click on it. Keep in mind that your Google Account (Gmail Id) should be signed in on Youtube.

● After clicking, a popup window will open “Save To Offline”, in that you select Size, Resolution and Ok, your video will start downloading.

So friends, this was the first way through which you can save Youtube Video Offline in your mobile and you can watch it without internet whenever you want, but you cannot see this video in your gallery nor from anyone else. Video can be shared.

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