Gateway Kya Hai And How Does It Work?

Gateway is a type of platform used to enter and exit a network. To understand this networking component easily, today we post it for you Gateway Kya Hai In Hindi Have brought In which you have been given complete information about it in a very simple way.

Today, if anything is being used the most, then it is the Internet. Friends, do you know how the Internet is accessed, you can access the Internet only through Gateway. So let's not start taking too much of your time Gateway Devices Kya Hai And know about it.

Gateway Kya Hai (What Is Gateway In Hindi?)

Gateway can be both a hardware and software form. Gateway is used to connect computer networks. It can also be other devices such as servers, routers, firewalls etc. This device uses network traffic to connect network traffic to and from the network.

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Gateway Kaise Kaam Karta Hai

We can use many networks through Gateway. Due to which many things can be done online using social media, browsing the website, shopping online, etc. Gateway works by getting the network in and out to use the network. When we have to connect to the internet, these signals must first pass through the gateway before it is in and out of the internet signal device.

Function Of Gateway In Computer Network In Hindi

It can perform many types of tasks. Which has many functions. So know about these functions of Gateway.

  • Media Gateway – The format of data which is used to convert it into another format.
  • Email Security Gateway – Those who misuse the company's policy and share it for misuse of information. For which it provides Gateway Security.
  • VOIP Trunk Gateway – This gateway is used for Plain Old Telephone Service. Which includes fax machines, landline phones.

Gateway Security Kya Hai

It provides security for the local network and it connects the public network with the local network. It provides security of firewalls in which a type of technology NAT is used.

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Gateway Devices Kya Hai

There are many types of devices in Gateway. Other types of devices are Impedance Matching Devices, Protocol Translators. Gateways connect with routers and switches to perform an action.

Gateways Ke Fayde

You have been told further what are the benefits of using Gateway.

  • This is very useful for users who have access to Gateway which has some necessary information. This security is available in almost every type of network.
  • This provides flexibility to the network. It can change the information of the computer as per its own.

Gateway Ke Nuksan

Just as its benefits are there, there are also some disadvantages of Gateway which are given below.

  • There is difficulty in troubleshooting. When a single Gateway spreads, complete communication is over. Communication cannot be restored until we are able to locate the problem. For this, you have to do different troubleshoots in all computers.
  • Gateway converts the information into various protocols. Which leads to the problem of Time Delay and it is simple.

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Difference Between Router And Gateway In Hindi

There are some differences between these two, which are explained below. Know what is the difference between these two.

  • A router is a type of networking device that works by connecting two different networks to each other. Gateway is used to interconnect protocol dependent networks.
  • The router serves to connect the Computer Network to the Internet and the Internet cannot be accessed without Gateway.


Friends, we have provided important information about Gateway. Now you must have understood that to access the internet first one has to go through the gateway and then there is internet access. Hope you find this post What Is Gateway In Networking In Hindi? Would have liked. So do like and share this post and stay connected with us to understand such technical information in easy language.


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