How to download lucky patcher on a smartphone? Know in hindi

Whenever we use an application in the phone, many applications repeatedly show Unwanted Ads, due to which we have to get upset and our work stops in the middle. But now you do not have to worry more because we have brought such a best app for you, which you can remove these ads. The name of this app is Lucky Patcher App, which will give you complete information about downloading and using it today.

Apart from removing Unwanted Ads from Lucky Patcher, Third Party License, Unknown Advertising can also be removed. You can also purchase any game or app of your choice for free and if you want to disable the permissions of any app then you can do that too. Meaning you will be able to do so much with a single app.

So friends must use it. This can be a very helpful app for you. To use the Lucky Patcher app, you must download Lucky Patcher. So know Lucky Patcher Kaise Download do.

Lucky Patcher Kaise Download Karte Hai

To download Lucky Patcher app, you have to follow the steps given below. With the help of which you will be able to download Lucky Patcher. Now let us tell you on your smartphone Lucky Patcher Kaise Download Karenge

Step 1: Go To Website

First of all, you have to search Lucky Patcher APK on Google, you will find all the Versions of Lucky Patcher APK.

Step 2: Go To Setting

Now the app has to be installed for which you have to go to the Setting option of mobile.

Step 3: On Unknown Source

Go to Settings and go to Security option and turn on Unknown Source.

Step 4: Install Lucky Patcher

After Unknown Source On, you can install it in your Android phone.

Step 5: Open Lucky Patcher

After installing, you open it. Now you can use it.

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Lucky Patcher Kaise Use Kare

After downloading Lucky Patcher, it is necessary to have your phone root to use it only then you will be able to use Lucky Patcher. So know ahead Lucky Patcher Kaise Chalaye

Step 1: Open App

Open the app first. Now the list of all the applications installed in your phone will appear in front of you.

Step 2: Select Red Color Code Application

Now you have to select a game or application of Red Color Code.

After this you have to click on Open Menu Of Patches. Now the main functions of Lucky Patcher will appear.

Step 4: Remove License Verification

Through this, the license can be removed from an application and when you download an app and at the time when the error comes, such app can also be used by it.

Step 5: Remove Google Ads

With this option, those advertisements can be removed which are Irritating and Sponsored.

Step 6: Support Patch For InApp And LVL Emulation

From here you can purchase any application for free.

Step 7: Change’s The App’s Components

With this option, permissions related to the application can be changed and Modify can also be done.

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How does lucky patcher work

The color code in this app shows which applications you can modify.

  • Yellow – In which a specific patch is available.
  • Orange – Which are system apps.
  • Red – They cannot be modified.
  • Blue – It includes Google Ads which can be removed.
  • Green This app is registered with Google, which can be disconnected.

In this way, you will be able to modify the app by understanding these color codes.

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Friends, you can modify many types of applications with the help of Lucky Patcher. Now you will also be able to play games of your choice, they will also be able to download for free and remove Unwanted Apps. Just keep in mind that you have to have Phone Root to use Lucky Patcher, then Android Phone Root Kaise Kare you can know with the help of this post. Friends, if you like this post then do like and share it, thank you for reading our post!


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