SQL or MySQL Kya Hai? What are SQL Statement Ke Prakar? – Know Difference Between SQL And MySQL In Hindi

There is a record of all the work done on the Internet. Which gets saved as a data and all this information is collected in one place which is called database.

The database by which it is created is called SQL Language. In this post SQL Kya Hai, we have brought various types of information related to SQL Language for you.

SQL is a very useful computer based language. With which you can do many things. You can create any kind of data using it.

If you also want to learn this language, then this post of today's SQL Kya Hai In Hindi will be very helpful for you, in which you will also be told MySQL Kya Hota Hai.

SQL Kya Hai (What Is SQL In Hindi)

It is a kind of language. The database is accessed through this language. This language is used to perform an operation on a database. This language is a type of computer language for storing, manipulating and storing data in a database.
SQL is a standard language and even after being a standard language, Oracle uses it according to Microsoft, which is because the standard of this language is difficult which is difficult to execute completely. Another reason for this is that each vendor has to make his software different from other software.

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SQL Full Form

SQL Ka Pura Naam:


History Of SQL In Hindi

SQL was started in 1970. Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond and F.Boyce created this language together. IBM's (International Business Machine) relational database, named System R, had to manage store data, so this language was created to manage it. The name of the language was then SEQUEL SEQUEL was a trademark of Hawker Siddeley, a UK based aircraft company. Because of this SEQUEL was renamed SQL.

Characteristics of SQL In Hindi

We will learn further what are the features of SQL and what are the functions done by it.

  • The database can be retrieved from SQL.
  • It serves to update the records in the database.
  • SQL is also used to create new databases.
  • SQL also performs query execution in the database.
  • This can create a new table in the database.

Main SQL Commands

The most important command of SQL is given below. Know about its main command.

  • Select – It extracts data from the database.
  • Delete – Deletes the data.
  • Update – Performs updating of data in database.
  • Insert Into – It inserts new data into the database.
  • Alter Database – It works by modifying the database.
  • Drop Index – We can delete the index.
  • Create Table – Can create a new table.
  • Create Database – Creates a new database.

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SQL Statement Ke Prakar

In SQL, a command is given using some type of keywords, which is also called SQL Statement. There are three types of statements in SQL which are explained below.

DDL (Data Definition Language)

This is used to clarify the database. With this you can perform different types of tasks. Using this, you can add new types of rows and columns to the Existing Table, create and remove the database. A new table can be created by this.

DML (Data Definition Language)

DML is used to access and manipulate data. You can also update data using DML, delete data. Data can be entered in the table with DML, using it, 2 tables can also be merged.

TCL (Transmission Control Language)

TCL Statement manages the kind of changes in data from DML. It is used if a change is to be made Permanent or Undo.

Advantages Of SQL In Hindi

Many people use this language because it has many benefits. Know what the benefits of SQL are.

  • This language allows to manipulate data.
  • Users can also describe the data.
  • One can easily learn SQL language.
  • Users can also store procedures, create views.
  • There are many types of DBMS Supporter such as MySQL, Oracle, MySQL Server and MS Access etc.
  • This language allows the user to access data in RDBMS.

Disadvantages of SQL

Just as SQL has many advantages, in the same way there are some disadvantages of SQL, you know about its disadvantages.

  • The interface of this language is very difficult so that very few users can access it.
  • The cost of some version of SQL is very high, so there is difficulty in creating it.
  • It is completely dependent on Table Objects.

MySQL Kya Hai (What Is MySQL In Hindi)

This is the Relational Database Management System. MySQL was developed in 1994. Swedish company MySQL AB started this. In 2008, the Sun Microsystem Company purchased MySQL AB and sold it to Oracle Corporation in 2010.
It uses SQL. With this we can create and manage the database. MySQL is designed by Oracle. WordPress uses MySQL for databases. MySQL is a free open source software. MySQL is used in logging applications, e-commerce, data warehousing etc.

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Difference Between SQL And MySQL In Hindi

There are some main differences between SQL and MySQL. We will know further what is the difference between these two.

  • SQL is used to create the database. With the help of SQL Queries, you can manipulate, add and delete data in MySQL.
  • MySQL is a database management system and SQL is a language.
  • SQL is Query Language. One can access the database using it while MySQL is Open Source Database.


If you want to create a data and manage your various types of information in it, then you can use SQL Language. We gave you SQL Meaning In Hindi I tried my best to explain it in very simple way. This post of ours will help you in learning SQL language.


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