Ozone Parat Kya Hai? – Functions, stages, benefits and escape measures of the ozone layer!

Ozone Parat Kya Hai It is necessary for every human being to know this. Life on Earth is impossible without the ozone layer. If there is a decrease in the ozone layer, the level of ultraviolet rays will increase, which can cause a lot of damage to the Earth.

For this, humans have to be aware and to be aware to save the ozone layer. Increasing pollution, weather changes are damaging the ozone layer.

If the lives of humans and animals on earth are to be maintained, then each person has to cooperate in correcting the deteriorating condition of the ozone layer. Which will go a long way in preventing this loss.

Ozone Layer Kya Hai (What Is Ozone Layer In Hindi?)

It is a type of protective shield that protects the Earth from ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun. It is situated at an altitude of about 15 to 35 kilometers above the surface of the Earth, which is called the ozone layer. This layer is very thin. It acts to stop the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun coming to the earth. If ultraviolet rays hit the earth, it causes great harm to the environment, animals and plants.

It is an odorous gas which is light blue in color. Life on earth is possible due to the ozone layer. The ozone layer is very important for survival on Earth. It is a layer of the earth's atmosphere. Ozone layer is found to have a higher amount of ozone gas. The ozone layer is a form of oxygen. When three atoms of oxygen combine, they form an ozone layer.

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Ozone Parat Kis Mandal Me Hai

It is very important for us to know that Ozone Parat Kis Mandal Me Pai Jati Hai because the ozone layer protects us from this mandal. The ozone layer is at the bottom of the Earth's stratosphere and 15 to 35 kilometers above the Earth's surface. The ozone layer is not harmful in the stratosphere, but the ozone layer on Earth is dangerous. 90% of the ozone layer is present in the stratosphere. Only 10% of the ozone layer is found in the atmosphere.

Ozone Layer Ki Motai Kitni Hai

The thickness of the ozone layer varies according to geographic vision and weather. The ozone layer was discovered in 1913 by French physicists Fabri Charles and Henri Busson.

Formation Of Ozone Layer In Hindi

The ozone layer is formed by ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun, and these ultraviolet rays fall on the molecule of oxygen 02 when the rays separate two atoms of oxygen. When these two atoms separate, it forms another molecule of oxygen. And combine to form Ozone 03.

Advantage Of Ozone Layer In Hindi

The ozone layer is very important for our lives. Life on earth has been possible only with this. Next, know what is the benefit of having an ozone layer.

  • The ozone layer protects us from many harmful rays coming from the sun.
  • This layer protects humans and animals from the dangerous diseases caused by these rays.
  • This layer protects crops from damage.
  • The ozone layer helps control the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere.
  • This layer also protects us from the deadly disease of cancer.

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Ozone Layer Depletion

If there is a decrease in the ozone layer, it can cause many kinds of damage. Due to which the ultraviolet rays will enter the atmosphere and it will cause many side effects.

  • Due to the decrease in the ozone layer, ultraviolet rays will dominate the Earth. This can cause many diseases to humans and animals.
  • These rays affect the photosynthetic activity in plants.
  • When these rays come in contact with the eyes, it can cause problems like cataract.
  • UV-B rays reach the ocean and destroy marine life.
  • Skin cancer causes diseases due to ultraviolet rays.
  • If a pregnant woman comes in contact with it, it has a very dangerous effect on the unborn child.
  • The harmful effects of these rays cause great damage to the immune system. Due to which the immune system also decreases.

How To Protect Ozone Layer

Humans also have a huge hand in reducing the ozone layer. The ozone layer is decreasing due to many reasons. But there are many ways by which we can save the ozone layer. So let's know further how we can save the ozone layer.

Use less vehicles

The smoke emanating from the vehicles is very harmful. The use of vehicles should be reduced. Instead of using these vehicles, such vehicles or methods should be adopted so that this polluted smoke can be reduced.

Avoid using pesticides

It damages the ozone layer. This damage can be avoided by using natural methods instead of pesticides.

Do not cut trees

Deforestation should be reduced as much as possible and efforts should be made to plant as many trees as possible. Help the trees to grow.

Avoid aerosol / CFC items

The use of aerosols and CFCs should be avoided as much as possible.

Ozone Parat Ke Karya

The ozone layer protects us in many ways. The main functions of the ozone layer are explained below.

  • It acts as a protective shield for the environment and the earth.
  • It prevents dangerous rays of the sun coming to the earth.
  • The ozone layer absorbs the amount of ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.

Ozone parat ke charan

It is a type of natural gas. Humans have increased the amount of gases that are destroying the ozone layer.

Due to ozone dehydration

Man-made gases have destroyed the ozone layer. The ozone layer has decreased significantly, with natural cause responsible for human reason as well.

  • Chloro fluoro carbon is also one of the reasons. It is responsible for the dissolution in the ozone layer.
  • Carbon tetrachloride is found in mergers used in cleaning, it damages the ozone layer.
  • CFC is a liquid substance made from chlorine, fluorine and oxygen gases. It is also produced through humans. Which is used in fridges or such devices which are used to provide cooling. It is also used to clean electronic circuit boards, computers, phones. It destroys the ozone layer.

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Effects of ozone degradation

Many effects are seen due to ozone depletion. Which are mentioned below to you. Know what the effects are.

  • Due to ozone degradation, temperature is constantly increasing.
  • It harms plants and animals.
  • It also causes damage to vegetation. Which can increase their germination time. Due to which the quantity of grains obtained from crops like wheat, rice, peas, soybean is reduced.
  • Ultraviolet rays reduce the speed of small aquatic plants by reaching inside the ocean.
  • Increased heat when the ozone layer erodes will cause human race to suffer from skin diseases, cataracts, cancer, ulcers and other severe diseases.


Ozone Layer Ke Baare Mein Jankari By getting, you must have understood that the lack of it causes harm to the environment and our health. To avoid this loss, some such methods should be adopted so that human beings can be protected from dangerous diseases and make our nature more beautiful. So you too should contribute in making the nature beautiful.


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