Ola or Uber Me Car Kaise Lagaye? Ola or Uber Ke Sath Business Kaise Kare? – Know Ola Or Uber Se Paise Kamane Ka Very Easy Way!

It takes too much time to go from one place to another in such a crowded city, which delays our work. To overcome this problem, you can book Ola Cab in minutes from Ola.

If you have a car or bike, any car or bike, you can put it in Ola or Uber and do business. Ola Uber Me Bike Kaise Lagaye has been given further detail in detail.

Today, there are many areas of doing business. According to the convenience, you can choose an area from which you can earn good money. You can also earn money by applying your car or bike through Ola and Uber.

If you have Ola Me Gadi Lagani Hai, then you should first come to Ola Me Car Lagane Ka Tarika, only then you can connect your car or bike with Ola. Similarly, you can also bike in Ola and Uber.

Ola Me Car Kaise Lagaye

To install a car in Ola you will need to follow some instructions. So, following the instructions given below, you can install a car in Ola.

  • You can also put your new or old car in it, just your car should be in good condition.
  • If you are hiring a driver for your car, then he must have a commercial driving license. If you are driving your car as Owner then it is not necessary to have a license.

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Ola Me Car Lagane Ke Liye Documents

To install your car in Ola you must have the necessary documents given below.

  • If you are attaching the car as a driver in Ola Cabs, then you will have your Commercial Driving License along with the address proof, ID proof, police verification certificate.
  • But if you are attaching your car to Ola as an owner then you should have a service tax registration certificate for it.
  • Based on your service tax registration certificate, you can open your new current account.

Ola Ke Sath Business Kaise Kare

To do business in Ola, you have to follow the steps given below. Through this you can put your car in Ola and earn money. So know about Ola Se Paise Kaise Kamaye by doing business with Ola.

  • After collecting the above mentioned documents, you can contact the nearest Ola Cabs office.
  • Submit all the documents related to your car to the office of Ola Cabs and you will have to take your car there. The staff of Ola Cabs will check the status of your car.
  • After this, if the verification of your car is correct, then you will be given a new phone of Ola Cab App Feature from the company.
  • After this you have to open a new bank account. Which will require some Document. Which are explained to you above.
  • After this, your car will be attach with Ola Cabs, now you can use it.

How to attach car in ola in hindi

To attach a car in Ola, you must fill out a form. After that you can attach your car to Ola.

Step 1: Go To Website

First of all you have to visit this website Partners.Olacabs.Com.

Step 2: Enter Your Details

Here you will get a form, fill it completely.

  • Enter Your Full Name – Enter your full name here.
  • Enter Your Phone Number – Enter your phone number
  • Enter City – Name your city in which city you are applying Ola Car.
  • Submit Your Application – Now after filling the complete information in the form, click on submit.

You can also get information by calling Toll Free Helpline 18004193535.

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Ola Me Bike Kaise Lagaye

If you want to ride your bike in Ola, then for this you have to follow the steps given below, through which you will know that Ola Cab Me Bike Kaise Lagaye

Step 1: Go To Website

First you need to go to Partners.Olacabs.Com.

Step 2: Send Your Inquiry

Now scroll down and go down. Here you will get the option of Send Your Inquiry, click on it.

Step 3: Enter Your Details

As soon as you click on this option, a form will appear in front of you, fill this form correctly.

  • Your Name – Fill your name.
  • Your Phone Number – Fill your phone number in it.
  • Your Vehicle Type – Select which vehicle you have
  • Your City – What is the name of your city?
  • Submit – After filling the complete form you have to click on submit.

In some time you will get an update from Ola for this and will have to go to Ola Office with all the necessary documents or Ola's agents will come to you on their own and then verify you. After this your bike will connect with Ola.

Uber Ke Sath Business Kaise Kare

There are a few things to keep in mind to do business with Uber. After that you can join it and earn money. So now further know about Uber Me Paise Kaise Kamaye by doing business with Uber.

  • Your car must be in good condition.
  • Car must be T-permit. In Uber, yellow number plate car is the only permission to drive a commercial vehicle.
  • You cannot apply a car older than five years to Uber.
  • The company will give you a smartphone in which the Uber App will be installed.
  • The employees of Uber Cab will provide you with the company's guidelines and offer information.
  • After all this, you have to open your current account with the bank.

Just now you can connect your car with Uber.

Uber Me Car Lagane Ke Liye Documents

If you are installing a car in Uber, then some necessary documents will have to be installed for this. Know which documents need to be used for this.

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How to attach car in uber in hindi

With Uber you can earn money by adding your car. If you want to earn money by adding your car to Uber, then you have to follow the steps below. So do you know Uber Me Apni Car Kaise Lagaye

Step 1: Go To Website

First of all, you have to register by visiting Uber's official website Uber.Com.

Step 2: Enter Your Details

Here you have to fill the register form which you will get.

  • First Name / Last Name – Fill your full name in it.
  • Email – Enter your Email Address
  • Phone Number – Enter the phone number here.
  • Password – Enter any password you want to enter here.
  • City – Enter your city name.
  • Invite Code – Here you can give whatever code you want to give, it is optional.
  • Submit – And after filling the complete form, click on submit at the end.

After this your form will be submitted and you can put your car in Uber.

Uber Me Bike Kaise Lagaye

The way you put a car in Uber, in the same way, you have to install a bike in Uber and you will have to install the same document for the bike. You will have to go to Uber office for all these documents and submit all the documents there. After that you can put your bike in Uber.


The population has increased so much that one has to face the rush to move from place to place. Only then we are able to book a car, at such a time, Ola and Uber Cab help us. This cab arrives at the given address in no time. If you also have the quality of driving and you have a bike or car, then you can make a good income using this property and use your bike or car at the right place. Car Se Paise Kaise Kamaye If you like this information, then do not forget to like and comment it.


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