Holi Ka Rang Kaise Nikale?

Holi is a festival that dissolves sweetness in relationships. Holi festival in India is celebrated with great pomp and show. Holi festival brings happiness to all Indians.

It is a festival of different colors and with these colors, we play Holi but later there is difficulty in removing the colors. To overcome this problem Holi Ke Rang Hatane Ke Upaye Today we will tell you in detail.

Nowadays chemical colors are being used to play Holi, which has a very bad effect on the skin and hair. Many people do not even play Holi due to this fear.

This chemical color is not easily released from the skin. But now you do not have to worry, we are telling you some ways that you will know how to get Holi Pakka Rang Kaise Nikale and protect your skin from colors.

How To Remove Holi Color From Face

If the color of Holi is not coming out of your face, due to which there is a burning sensation on your face, then you can remove the color of your face with these easy methods given below. So know Holi Ka Rang Kaise Saaf Kare with a face

  • Use a pack of gram flour to clear the color of Holi. Add a little lemon juice and milk to the gram flour and make a paste and apply it on your face. After 15 minutes wash the face with lukewarm water.
  • Soak the multani mitti in water overnight and when the color is to be removed, mix rose water, almond oil, milk and apply it on the face and after drying, wash the face with cold water.
  • Massage your face with curd with light hands. Your face will start to color. After this, you can clean the face with water.
  • Mix rose water, cucumber juice in a teaspoon vinegar powder and apply it on the face, the face will also blossom as the color becomes clear.
  • Holi Ke Rango Se Bachne Ke Upay also has a remedy called Muli juice. It is very beneficial in extracting the color of Holi. Add gram flour or maida to the radish juice and apply it on the face also removes the color of Holi.

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How To Remove Holi Color From Hair

While playing Holi, hair also gets spoiled completely, due to which hair starts to look dry, lifeless. For this, you can adopt the method given below. So know that Holi Ka Rang Kaise Nikale is mixed with vinegar in amla water and wash hair. For this, you have to soak them in amla water at night and while washing hair, add one spoon of vinegar to it. After this, shampoo the hair and wash the hair with clean water.

How To Remove Holi Color From Nails

If your fingernails have become colored, then you can remove it in the following way. Holi Ka Rang Kaise Hataye has been told in this. Before playing Holi, apply nail polish on your nails and apply oil on it. Due to this, the color of Holi will not climb on your nails and if the color of Holi is still applied on your nails, then you can remove the color with the help of lemon juice.

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How To Remove Holi Color From Ear

If the color of Holi goes into our ears, it can cause a big problem. So try not to get colored in the ears. You can learn by adopting the following method that you can massage Holi Ke Rang Kaise Nikale with 2 drops of oil in your ears before playing Holi. Never use petroleum jelly in the ears. You should take a little oil in cotton and massage it gently in the ears. You can do this even after playing Holi.

How To Remove Holi Color From Hands

If the color of Holi is not coming out from your hands and your hands are starting to get jealous, then using the method you are telling you will also remove the color of your hands and your hands will be completely clear. Add one teaspoon of rose water to one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and put it in 2 cups of water. Now keep your hands soaked in it for a while and when the hands start to color, wash the hands with clean water.

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How To Remove Holi Color From Eyes

Do not rub the eyes vigorously when the color of Holi goes into the eyes. If the color goes into the eyes, then clean the eyes with cold water and add rose water to the eyes, this will give relief to the eyes.


So friends you must have known that Holi Ka Pakka Rang Kaise Utare Now you play Holi without fear and make your Holi fun. These easy remedies will help you in removing the color of Holi, besides taking care of the environment and keeping the environment clean and playing Holi with natural colors that will not harm your skin. Friends hope that like different colors of Holi, this Holi may fill your life with happiness. This post How To Remove Holi Color Do share with your friends and don't forget to like the post, thanks!


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