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Google is the most running Search Engine in the world, everyone believes in this, it provides complete security in keeping our personal information online, Google keeps bringing us many technologies and services from the beginning, which gives us many ways This is an example of Google Map, with the help of which we can go anywhere.

A new technology is created to help everyone who uses it. Google has also created many technologies to help us. Recently Google has created Google Safety Center with the help of online security to the user. In this, you will be provided with information about staying secure on the Internet.

So if you want to know about Google Safety Center In Hindi, then for this you will have to read this post from beginning to end, only then you will get complete information about what is Google Safety Center and how it is our online help If you do, stay tuned to get all the information in our post today from beginning to end.

Google Safety Center Kya Hai

Google Safety Center is a website created by Google, it will provide information to your friends, family member on how to be safe on the Internet. It is designed so that it can inform the Internet user about the wrong activities on the Internet. From this website you can also find out what tools Google is providing for your privacy.

So far in India it is available in 9 languages ​​which is Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu etc. and in the future it will be available in 65 languages. The reason for creating Google Safety Center is to provide its user with very useful information about the security of the information happening on the Internet and Online Transaction so that no one on the Internet can cheat the user.

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Google Safety Center Kya Krta Hai

Google Safety Center provides information to give online security to its user in many ways, knowing that the user can remain safe on the Internet and by setting something, his personal information can be made confidential. Google has created this service to maintain its user privacy.

Password protect

You should select a strong password of all your important accounts Email, Net Banking, Payment Apps and should not keep the same password on your other account, you should keep updating your password from time to time, Alphabet to make your password, A large password should be created using Number and Symbols.

Do not share your identity with anyone

It is very important to avoid online piracy and fraud. You should not share your identity and password with anyone else. You do not have to reply to any mail, message or web page which is full of doubt. If you click on a link or web page and go to a side, then you should never show your password there, this can cause your Account Hack. To see any image, video, you should not click on any link, it will take you to a side from which your data can be stolen, so keep these things in mind.

Put screen lock on device

You must put Screen Lock on your Computer, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet so that no one can see the data in your system and misuse it. You should install Auto Lock in your system so that your system locks itself when you are finished.

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Avoid fraud

If you are told through Call or Mail that you are the winner of something and you need to do anything, just you have to tell your personal information to them, then you do not have to give any such information to them because any benefit of your information is wrong. Can lift

You must have done online shopping, but you must have seen many such websites which give you medicines to give you very cheap goods, in such a way, you should research those websites properly and then you can be cheated if you do not take the goods. That means, something shown to you goes towards something and a given will go towards something.

Secure network

You should always use Secure Network and whenever you use the free WiFi Net near you, then you should be very careful when going online, it may be that this free WiFi that is reaching us is monitoring its traffic Doing so that he can get your information and do not do shopping with such WiFi Internet.

If you have WiFi at home, then you have to keep it safe so that no one else can use it, for that you should set a good password in it and in this password you should use Alphabet, Number and Symbols which people can easily break. Could not


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