E-governance Kya Hai? E-governance Ke Fayde and what are the disadvantages? – Know Difference Between E-Governance and E-Government in Hindi!

Hello Friends Welcome to Hindi Sahayta. In today's post, we are going to tell you E-Governance Kya Hai Do you also want to use E-Governance but you are not aware of it, then you have come to the right place. Along with this, you will also know what E-Governance Ke Labh is.

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Today every work is being done online which has made all the tasks easier. And it also saves time. The government has made several schemes for the country's progress. So that the country can be made powerful. The government is also making different efforts to better its methods of work.

It used to take a lot of time to do government work which would hamper the public in their work. The Internet world has helped a lot to come out of this problem. Due to which the speed of government work has increased. Some time back, offices had to be circulated repeatedly to do some kind of government work. But now E-Governance has made this task easier.

So let us know what is E-Governance in Hindi to get the benefit of this facility, read this post from the beginning to the end, only then you will get complete information about it and you will be able to join E-Governance.

E-Governance Kya Hai

E-Governance is a service in which all government functions will be made accessible to the public through online service. Through internet, people will now be able to take advantage of government facilities. To get any government work done, you have to visit the offices, but through this service, you will be able to handle your government work in a short time.

A time limit has been made to do these works. This will prevent bribery. There will be no need to go anywhere from this and from home you can apply for government work online. Under this, you will get government service and information online. Government of many states are providing this facility to the people through internet.

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E-governance Full Form:


Objectives of E-governance

You will know further what the service is designed to accomplish. Know what is the purpose behind starting this service.

  • If you use E-Governance then you have to do digital work using the Internet. Through which the people of the country will learn to use the Internet.
  • This will also increase the speed of government work. Government work takes a lot of time and the government takes time to solve public problems. This problem will be solved in a short time by e-Governance.
  • If the public is unhappy with any kind of work, then it can also give feedback for its problem online.

Features offered by E-governance

Through e-Governance, you can do many types of government work. Under this, we are telling you what tasks you can do and you can take advantage of the services.

  • You can avail online citizen services. In which you can get PAN card, passport online, get your Aadhaar card, caste certificate, ration card, driving license, voter ID card etc. verified.
  • Through this, you can fill bills like water bill, electricity bill, telephone bill, mobile bill etc. online.
  • You can book different types of tickets using e-governance. In earlier times, people had to stand in line for a long time to get railway tickets, but now you can book rail tickets, air tickets, I-ticket service, bus tickets online.
  • Education services can also be used through e-governance. One can get admission in the college, apply online for any government job, apply for scholarship, result of any exam and many other things related to education.
  • Any type of certificate can be made online for this, now you will not even need to go anywhere.

E-governance Ke Prakar

The benefits of e-governance are with the public as well as the government. The types of e-governance are given below.

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G to G (Government to Government)

It means from government to government. When a government department contacts another government office or department for any type of government information and service, it is called G to G.

G to C (Government to Citizen)

G to C means from government to citizen. When there is any kind of contact between the government and the citizen, it is called Government to Citizen.

G to B (Government To Business)

It means from government to business. There is a liaison between the government and the business sector. Through this, traders can do online government work from home and the government works in the business areas by contacting them.

G to E (Government to Employees)

G to E means an employee from the government. This helps in maintaining contact between the government and the employee. The government liaises with the government employee for government work.

C to C (Citizen to Citizen)

Citizens in this category have contact with each other.

Features of E-Governance in Hindi

There are also some main features of E-Governance by which this facility is being used more and more.

  • This facility has reduced paperwork, thereby preventing problems in the work.
  • The same work is not repeated in this service.
  • Most government services can be availed online.

Advantage of E-Governance in Hindi

There are many benefits from the use of E-Governance. We will know further what benefits are included in E-Governance.

  • This will save the environment. Reducing the use of paper will save trees, this is also a big benefit.
  • Bribery, corrupt officials, criminals will be avoided.
  • With this help, the work can be done in less time. Earlier it used to take time to do the work, while now the work is done easily in a short time.
  • It has also reduced the expenses of many things, the use of papers has come down, which has reduced expenses.
  • The public can use it only on their mobiles and computers.
  • This gives the government ease and efficiency in carrying out its functions.

E-Governance Ke Nuksan

Just as there are many benefits of E-Governance, there are some disadvantages to it, which we will know further.

  • To use it, we have to use the Internet and give our personal information on the Internet which can be unsafe.
  • Many people are still denied access to this facility. Where very few people know about using E-Governance, they are unable to take advantage of this facility.
  • Most people in our country still do not have knowledge of computers and mobiles. Due to which he is not able to take advantage of this facility.
  • There are many villages in the country where the facility of internet has not yet been reached. Due to which every citizen does not get this facility.

Difference Between E-Governance and E-Government In Hindi

Communication and information technology is used to reach the government service to the public and the means by which it is passed on to the public is called E-Governance. Use of communication and information technology to provide government information and services to the public is called E Government.


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