Ujala Yojana Kya Hai? How to take Ujala Yojana Ke Labh? – Know Ujala Yojana Kis Se Sambandhit Hai and what are its benefits!

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The government keeps making some plans for the people of the country so that the people can get different types of benefits. Today every person needs electricity for some small or big work. But the more electricity we use, the more electricity bill comes. By taking advantage of this scheme, you can get rid of the hassle of higher electricity bills.

The government introduced this scheme to meet the power requirement. Due to which low power supply will be completed by LED Bulb. There is still no adequate power supply in many areas. This is a new step of the government to fill this gap.

So let's know Ujala Scheme Kya Hai if you also want to take advantage of this Ujala scheme, then read this post What Is Ujala Scheme In Hindi from beginning to end, then you will get complete information about it and you will get all kinds of information related to this scheme. Will be able to get benefits.

Ujala yojana kya hai

In this scheme, the facility of giving LED bulbs at low prices is being provided by the government. Electricity can be saved through the Ujala scheme. This scheme is very beneficial for the places where even today other means are used to get electricity and they are not able to get electricity in proper form. This is a free LED bulb scheme. These bulbs reduce power consumption and are cheaper. These bulbs can save 10.5 billion kilowatts of electricity.

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Ujala Scheme Full Form:


Ujala Yojana Kab Shuru Hui

The scheme was launched on 1 May 2015 by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

Ujala scheme objectives

What is the purpose of this plan, what is the purpose behind implementing the Ujala scheme?

  1. The main objective of Ujala scheme is to provide LED Bulb facility to maximum number of houses.
  2. Ujala scheme has been formulated to save the environment and also to protect the environment.
  3. The Ujala scheme has also been devised to promote LED bulb.
  4. Providing LED Bulb at low prices instead of buying LED Bulb at expensive prices.

Ujala Yojana Ke Liye Documents

If you want to get the benefit of Ujala scheme then you will need some main documents for this.

  • electricity bill
  • identity card
  • passport photo
  • Aadhar Card
  • Address certificate

Ujala Scheme Details In Hindi

The government has also provided EMI facility for this. If you want, you can also buy bulbs through EMI and you can buy these bulbs from the kiosk center as well. Kiosk centers have been opened all over India and you can take LED bulb here. There you will have to take the document mentioned above.

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Step 1: Go To Website

If you want to know the kiosk center of your city, then you have to go to the official website of Ujala Scheme ujala.gov.in.

Step 2: Tap On State

After visiting the website, you have to click on your state. Whichever state you live in.

Step 3: Tap On City

Click on which city you live in.

Now you can see here that these bulbs are being found in your city, you can go there and buy these bulbs.

Ujala yojana ke fayde

What are the benefits of this scheme, we are telling you further, then you know about the benefits of Ujala scheme.

  • This scheme will save huge amount of electricity.
  • As LED bulbs are cheaper, more and more people will use the UJALA scheme.
  • Carbon emissions of 2.80 will be banned every year.
  • The bulbs available in UJALA scheme have higher light than other bulbs.
  • The benefits of Ujala scheme will not only be available in the villages but the entire country.
  • If you go to buy this bulb from the market, you will get it at a higher price. But if you buy this bulb under this scheme you will get it at a lower price.


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