Kiosk Banking Kya Hai? Kiosk Banking Kaise Khole? – Know how to apply for SBI Kiosk Banking in Hindi

Hello Friends Welcome to Hindi Sahayta. In today's post we are going to tell you Kiosk Banking Kya Hai Do you also want to take Kiosk Banking but you are not aware that Kiosk Banking Kaise Le has come to the right place. Along with this, you will also know that Kiosk Banking Kaise Khole

How To Apply For SBI Kiosk Banking In Hindi You will also know through this post today. We will explain it to you in very simple language. Hope you will like all our posts, similarly you will continue to like every post on our blog.

Even today, there are many places where bank facilities are not available. Every work today requires a bank account. If you are not able to go to the bank, then many of your tasks remain incomplete and you are not able to get many kinds of benefits, due to which you may suffer a lot of loss.

But now in view of this problem, Kiosk Bank is being opened in every area everywhere. If you do not have any kind of work and you have general knowledge of computer and English, then you can open your own Kiosk Bank. With this, you will be able to make good income and will also provide maximum bank facility to the people.

So let's know now SBI Kiosk Banking Kaise Le If you also want to make income with this banking, then what is this Kiosk Banking in Hindi? If you read it from beginning to end, then you will get complete information about it.

Kiosk Banking Kya Hai

It is a kind of internet booth. With the help of which all the functions of the bank can be done. To know about Internet Banking Kya Hai, do take help of this post of ours. This facility has been provided in view of those who still cannot go to the bank to do the work related to the bank and who are unable to avail the facilities of the bank due to lack of a bank in their area. It provides its convenience to the public in a low price. Through this, people can do all the work of the bank without going to the bank. Today, banking facilities are being provided in many places. Through Kiosk Banking, online center has been opened at many places to enable you to meet all the requirements of the bank.

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Kiosk Banking Ke Prayog

Using this banking, you can do many types of tasks. You will learn further what is the use of Kiosk Banking.

  • It can also withdraw cash and can be deposited.
  • You can open an account with any bank through this.
  • If you have to fill any kind of challan, then it can also be filled by Kiosk Banking.
  • You can use Kiosk Banking to make online payments.
  • If you want to make a booking, be it railway booking or hotel booking can be done by Kiosk Banking.

Kiosk Banking Lene Ke Liye Eligibility

If you want to open Kiosk Banking, then you have to fulfill its qualification. You can start this banking only if you are eligible to open Kiosk Banking.

  • Should have general knowledge of computer.
  • To start this banking you must be 21 years of age or older.
  • You have passed 10th class.
  • You must also have a general knowledge of English.
  • You have the ability to invest some capital for this work.

Kiosk Banking Lene Ke Liye Documents

If you want to open this banking, then you will need some documents for its application. To apply for Kiosk Banking, you will have to apply the following documents.

  • Pan Card
  • Two passport photos
  • Aadhar Card
  • driving license
  • Electricity bill, ration card
  • Resident address certificate
  • Certificate of address of the shop where you are opening Kiosk Banking

How To Apply For Kiosk Banking In Hindi

We are telling you 2 ways to open Kiosk Bank, with the help of which you can open Kiosk Bank. You can open Kiosk Bank both online and offline. Know about both these methods.

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By bank

You can also avail this facility by going to the bank yourself. You have to go to the bank whose bank you want to open Kiosk Bank. Most of the people open Kiosk Bank of SBI Bank. In the bank you will have to meet the bank manager and tell them that you have to open a CSP (Customer Service Point) bank. After telling the bank manager if he says yes to you to open Kiosk Bank, then you will be given a username and password from the bank using which you will be able to run your Kiosk Bank. When you get approval from the bank to open Kiosk Bank, the bank gives you 1.50 lakh rupees in loan for assistance.

By company

You can also take help of a company. There are many companies that provide facility to open Kiosk Bank. You have to get this facility from a company only after taking complete information. We will give you information about 2 companies with whom you can contact.

AISECT is the first company among these companies. If you want to take help of this company to open Kiosk Bank, then you must first go to its website Aisectfi.Com.

After visiting the website, you have to click on the option of contact.

On clicking on the contact, you will see a lot of numbers, you can contact on any number you want to contact.

On this website you will easily find all the state numbers. This company also offers the facility of opening Kiosk Bank of Madhyanchal Gramin Bank, Bank of Baroda, Punjab Gramin Bank, Bank of India.

Another company name is Vakrangee Limited You can go to its website Vakrangee.In from here. By going to this website, you also have to click on the contact option and you can contact the person closest to you and take full information of it.

Kiosk Banking Ke Fayde

You will know further what kind of benefits are received by Kiosk Banking. Know about the benefits of this.

  • You can deposit cash through this banking.
  • There is a lot of congestion in the bank, but if you do your banking work through Kiosk Banking, then you will not have to face the congestion in the bank and all your tasks will be done easily in a short time.
  • If you want to transfer money to someone, then they can also do this through banking.
  • If you want to withdraw money from your bank account then you can do this work through Kiosk Banking.
  • If you want to earn money or do some kind of work then you can open Kiosk Banking Shop.
  • There are many villages in the country where there is no bank facility. For the convenience of the bank in these areas, they can get this facility through Kiosk Banking.


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