IMEI Number Kya Hai? IMEI Number Check Kaise Kare?

Hello guys! Welcome to Hindi Sahayta. Today we will tell you IMEI Number Kya Hai And IMEI Number Check Kaise Kare We told in our previous post that CPU Kya Hai? Hope you like that post.

Today we are going to tell you about the subject, whose name is IMEI Number, IMEI Number is related to your mobile and mobile security, there are many people who use mobile day and night but they do not know. IMEI Number Kya Hai

So today our Hindi help team will give you complete information about IMEI Number, along with IMEI Number Ke Fayde and IMEI Number Ke Upyog, which is important for you to know.

When you buy a new mobile, you must have seen that when the person selling the mobile bills your name, he also writes the mobile's name, model number and IMEI number, and when you buy the mobile online, his bills IMEI Number is also written in Let us know in a little detail, after all IMEI Number Kya Hai, and why it is so important.

IMEI Number Kya Hai

IMEI is a 15 digit number that is set for each mobile device and it is unique for each device in the same way as our mobile number.

All the phones in the world have an IMEI number, whether the phone is cheap, expensive or belongs to any company. IMEI Number is different in every mobile, you cannot run mobile without IMEI Number.

IMEI Full Form – 'International Mobile Equipment Identity'

IMEI Number is called International Mobile Device Identification Number in Hindi, IMEI Number is a way to identify our mobile, IMEI Number is a 15 digit number, which is different for each mobile.

Now that you have come to know that IMEI Number Kya Hai, then now you will also want to check the IMEI Number of your mobile, but you do not know that Mobile Ka IMEI Number Kaise Check Kare, then let us tell you IMEI Number Kaise Pata Kare

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IMEI Number Kaise Check Kare

To check the IMEI number, you need to go to the dialpad of your mobile and enter the IMEI Check Karne Ka Code, you do not need to dial the IMEI Check Karne Ka Code, just like you would enter the IMEI Check Karne Ka Code. On the screen you will see the 15 digit IMEI Number, we have given the IMEI Check Karne Ka Code below.

IMEI Check Karne Ka Code – * # 06 #

If you have two SIM cards in your mobile, then you will see different IMEI numbers of both SIM cards. IMEI number is another way to check, you can open your mobile back cover and check your IMEI number even under the battery.

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IMEI Number Ke Upyog

One use of IMEI Number is also that you can get the complete information of your mobile by going to the IMEI Number website and entering the IMEI Number of your mobile.

For example, if you do not know the name or model number of your mobile, then you can also know that, we have given the link of the website below, by clicking on which you can enter your IMEI number and get the complete information of your mobile.

IMEI Number Ki Website

In case of theft of your mobile, you should get your mobile bill reported to the nearest police station for its theft or misuse so that in case of misuse of it, you do not have to face trouble.

IMEI Number Ke Fayde

IMEI Number Ke Fayde is a lot, and knowing IMEI Number can prove very useful for us, like we have mentioned above how we can also block our mobile if it is stolen, and its misuse Can stop Let us now know what the IMEI Number Ke Fayde is:

  1. If we know the IMEI Number of our mobile, then the location of the mobile can be found from the IMEI Number.
  2. If the mobile is stolen, the police can trace the thief and his speed method with IMEI Number.
  3. With IMEI Number, it can also be found out which network SIM card is in your mobile and what is its number.
  4. Mobile can also be tracked with IMEI Number.
  5. We can also get our mobile blocked by IMEI Number, by which we can prevent the misuse of our mobile if it is stolen or lost.

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