RAM aur ROM Kya Hai? Know Inke Prakar Kitne Hote Hai

Hello guys! Welcome to Hindi Sahayta. Today we will tell you Ram kya hai And Rom kya hai We had told in our previous post that SMPS Kya Hota Hai hope that you will like that post.

You and all of us today are connected to the Internet through computers and mobiles and do our work day and night by this, but do you know that there are many things in your mobile and computer due to which all our work is completed Are there.

You must have often seen that while working, your computer or mobile becomes slow and starts working slowly, and sometimes hangs.

Because of which we have to turn our computer or mobile off and on, due to which sometimes our data is also deleted, and restarting also spoils our time.

Do you know what is the reason of your computer or mobile being Slow or Hang, let us tell you, the biggest reason for hanging is the RAM and Slow of your computer or mobile is the biggest reason for your computer or mobile ROM

You might be thinking that this RAM Kya Hoti Hai and ROM Kya Hoti Hai from which our computer or mobile Slow or Hang. So let's tell you one by one, what is RAM and ROM.

Ram kya hai

RAM is inside the Cpu in your computer and on the mobile board, it is a type of memory, but nothing is saved inside it. It is just a kind of temporary memory that provides working space to the computer and mobile. .

As long as the power supply is on, the information written in RAM can be maintained. As soon as the power supply is stopped, the information stored in RAM goes away, now you know that RAM Ka Full Form Kya Hai

RAM Full Form – Random Access Memory

When we run an application in a computer, it uses RAM while running. Due to low RAM in the computer, sometimes there is a problem of hang and some applications or software does not run enough on the computer if they do not get enough RAM.

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Ram ke prakar

There are two types of RAM memory –

  • Sram – Static Rem
  • DRAM – Dynamic RAM

Mobile RAM Kya Hai

If we talk about Mobile RAM, then you will find that RAM in Mobile Phone works differently than a computer.

Whenever you download an application in a Smartphone, the app is first loaded in RAM and then executed.

In this way you will see that the app you use recently stays in RAM. This is the matter of RAM, now we talk about ROM and know that ROM is Kya Hoti Hai

Rom kya hai

ROM is also a very important part of our computer and mobile like RAM. ROM is the primary storage device of a computer system. It is Chip-shaped which is attached to the motherboard of the computer.

ROM is in the form of built-in memory in a computer whose data is read only means that nothing can be written or modified in it. Like RAM memory, it does not erase its data even after the computer is closed, the entire data store remains in it.


ROM Ka Full Form Kya Hai

ROM Full Form – Read Only Memory

Mobile ROM Kya Hai

ROM in mobile means its internal storage. In which we can store or save our data without installing a separate memory card.

Rom ke prakar

There are mainly 5 types of ROM types.

  • PROM – Programmable Read-only Memory
  • EPROM – Erasable Programmable Read-only Memory
  • EEPROM – Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-only Memory
  • EAROM – Electrically Alterable Read-only Memory
  • Flash memory

You have learned about ROM and RAM, now let us know what is RAM or ROM Me Antar

RAM or ROM Me Antar

ROM is a memory that is not variable, which means that the data stored in it after its creation cannot be changed, it can only be read.

In English it is also called non-volatile memory. The ROM does not require any other power to store data inside it. When your computer shuts down when power goes down, the data store remains.

While this is not the case in RAM, RAM is a temporary memory. RAM needs power to store information inside itself. As soon as electricity goes, all the information in it flies by itself.

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