Kisto Par Mobile Kaise Le?

Hello friends, welcome to Hindi Sahayta, we will tell you today that Kisto Par Mobile Kaise Le if you want to know something new, then you are watching the perfect post, so stay tuned for our post today. Bina Credit Card Ke EMI Pe Mobile Kaise Le Hope you will like our post to get complete information about.

Amazon Se EMI Par Mobile Kaise Kharide Through this post today, we will try to give you complete information. We will tell you about this in very simple language, hope that you will like our today's post Flipkart Se EMI Par Mobile Kaise Kharide as well as our previous post, about which we will give you all the information.

In the present time, Smartphone is very trending and new mobiles are coming in the market in the day, in such a situation, everyone wants that they have latest mobile but for that you should have so much money, we do not buy it if there is no money. Therefore, today we will tell you to take mobile on installments.

Nowadays mobile phones are very expensive, due to which we are not able to buy mobile of our choice, due to this, companies have decided to give their phones on installments so that every person can buy the phone of their choice and also the phones of these companies. To sell more, today we will tell you about taking mobile on online installments and going to a shop to take mobile installments.

if you EMI Par Mobile Kaise Le In Hindi If you do not know about, then we will tell you, for this you will have to read this post from the beginning to the end, so do you want to know how to buy mobile on EMI and how to buy online mobile, so stay tuned to get all the information in our post today. From beginning to end.

Kisto Par Mobile Kaise Le

It is very easy to take mobile in India, today we can take on the most expensive mobile installments, that too without any hassle, many companies are giving us phones on EMI, you can use two methods to take mobile from EMI.

  • Online Phone
  • Offline (from shop)

from shop

In the present time, you will find it on Mobiles EMI in most of the shops. Today, the finance companies are connecting their agents to every shop, so that customers can get mobile finance facility near you if you live in a village. So you have to go to a mobile shop in a city near you, you will get it on mobile installments.

To take mobile installments from the shop, some document will be required like- passport photo, bank pass book, identity card and Aadhaar card. Just take these documents and go to a shop near you. You will get Bajaj Finance, Home Credit, HDFC Mobile etc. will be available by anyone, on easy installments.

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Amazon Se EMI Par Mobile Kaise Le

Let us now know step by step about buying online mobile on EMI from Amazon.

Step 1: Open Amazon Site

First of all, you have to open Amazon's site in your system. You can go to its website by clicking the button below.

Step 2: Product Selection

Now Amazon's home page will be open in front of you, then you have to search by yourself and select your product and open it.

Step 3: EMI Plans

Now you will get an option on that EMI Plans, you have to click on it, from this you can get information about EMI Plans.

Step 4: Click On Buy Now

Now you have to click on Buy Now to buy it on EMI.

Step 5: Login Amazon

After clicking on Buy Now, you must first login to Amazon, now you have to login here by entering mobile number, email and password and if you do not have an account on it, then go to Create Your Amazon Account and create an account.

Step 6: Enter Your Address

Now after login, you have to enter your delivery address where you have to get your product.

Step 7: Select Payment Method

If you want to make payment on EMI, then for this you have to select one payment method. Like- Credit Card, Bajaj Finserv Card

Step 8: Enter Card Details

Now you have to enter the Detail of whatever card you have selected. Like- Name On Card, Card Number, and Expiration Date, after putting all these, you have to click on Add Card for EMI Option.

Step 9: Show All Details

Now you will have a page open in front of which you will be shown all the information about your product, you will see all the information once and then click on Place Your Order.

Now your EMI order has been completed, so in this way you can buy the same on online EMI on Amazon.

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Flipkart Se EMI Par Mobile Kaise Kharide

Now let us know Step by Step about buying a Mobile Phone on EMI from Flipkart using Credit Card.

Step 1: Open Website

First of all, you have to open Flipkart's site in your Computer, Laptop, Mobile.

Step 2: Product Selection

Now Flipkart's site will open in your system, you have to do a mobile search of your choice and select it.

Step 3: EMI Details

Now you will see an EMI Plan like this in it, you have to click on View Plans on it, in which you will know about EMI Plans.

Step 4: Enter On Buy Now

Now if you want to buy that mobile on EMI, then you have to click on Buy Now.

Step 5: Login Flipkart

Now you will be asked to login on it, you can login with your email / phone number or you can login by creating your new account on it.

Step 6: Enter Address

Now an option will come in front of you, in which you have to enter your address, the address where you have to order the goods and then click on Continue.

Step 7: Pay Your Payment

Now you will have some options to pay, in which you have to click on the option with EMI and then click on the Continue button.

Step 8: EMI Payment Method

Now you will get some options of how to pay EMI, in which you will get the option of Credit Card All Banks and Bajaj Finserv Card Option, click on whatever you have to pay.

Step 9: Card Information

Now the card you have selected will give you some information about EMI, in which you have to keep EMI for how many rupees and how many months, you have to select and click on Continue.

Step 10: Card Details

Now you have to enter your card details. Like- Card Number, Expiry, CVV, after putting these details you have to click on Continue Button. And your order is complete.

All you have to do is your Mobile Order on EMI on Flipkart.

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