WordPress Child Theme Kya Hai? WordPress Child Theme Kaise Banaye? – Know WordPress Child Theme Banane Ka Tarika in Hindi

Hello friends, welcome to Hindi Sahayta, today we are going to tell you about WordPress Child Theme Kya Hai if you WordPress Child Theme Kaise Banaye If you want to know about, then you are reading the right post, in this post we will give you complete information about it, we hope that you will definitely like our post.

In today's post you Child Theme Aur Parent Theme Me Kya Antar Hai You will also get to know about which we will tell you in very simple language, hope that you will like our post today like our previous post, about which you will get complete information.

If you are also a blogger, then you must have heard about your WordPress Child Theme, but if you are a new blogger, then you probably do not know much about it so you must know about it in Child How the theme is used and what it is used for.

WordPress Child Theme is very easy to create because by taking any Normal Theme, we can easily create a Child Theme by coding it in a few lines and when we create a theme then it can also be called Parent Theme. With WordPress Child Theme any theme can be customized and this is an easy and right way.

So friends, now let us tell you through this post what is the wordpress Child Theme Banane Ka Tarika what happens if you want to get the complete information about our post, then you will have to keep reading this post from the beginning to the last. You will get complete information about it.

WordPress Child Theme Kya Hai

The Main Theme is used in WordPress Child Theme and if it is customized then it becomes Child Theme and when we update this Main Theme then any Customize work or its settings will not be removed. By the way, if you want to make changes by updating your WordPress theme, then you can do that easily.

If you want to make any changes without coding the files in the Original Theme, then the Child Theme is the best suggestion for this because the Customize codes do not delete from the child theme, this will not affect your Main Theme much. You can also manage and add WordPress Child Theme by changing from WordPress Admin area through Appearance Theme. Modification can be done at any time by adding code to the function.Php file, thus many changes can be done as Child Theme.

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WordPress Child Theme Kyo Use Kare

When you do Coding by customizing the Child Theme and designing your website or blog with your own hands, it takes more time as well as hard work. WordPress users design their Theme based on their own preference by adding Custom CSS and many Customize Code to their Theme Files, so that Theme from other Blog also looks good. For WordPress User, Update Word is very simple because everyone has to update WordPress Core Version and Installed Plugins Theme to get Advance Features and Security.

WordPress Child Theme Kaise Banaye

So let's know about the WordPress Child Theme Kaise Banaye Step By Step Guide In Hindi.

Step 1: Create Child Theme Folder

Sign in to the Hosting C panel, then click on Manage Files and then open Public_html >> Wp-content >> Themes Folder, create a Folder for the Child Theme and give it a name and thus “Parenttheme-child” Assign with the name of “.

Step 2: Open New Child Theme Folder

Now you have to open the New Child Theme folder and create 2 necessary files in it named First Style.Css Second Functions.Php.

Step 3: Assign Template Name

Now select the Style.Css file and click on the Edit Button, then comment / *… / * in that file to Assign the Theme Name and Template Name between it.

Step 4: Register CSS File

Now select the Functions.Php file and click on the Edit button and register the Style.Css file of the Parent Theme in Child Theme by Copy-Paste the given code.

Step 5: Active New Child Theme

Now sign in your WordPress Dashboard and go to Appearance >> Themes and activate the created New Child Theme.

Now you go to Appearance >> Editor and add New Custom Css Code in Style.Css File of Child Theme and New Php Function in Functions.Php File Now you can customize your Theme and update Parent Theme without any problem. Can.

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Difference Between Child Theme And Parent Theme In WordPress In Hindi

Let us now know what is the difference between the Parent Theme and the Child Theme.

Parent Theme

Most of the features in this theme's websites range from Theme Option to Base Style. Parent Theme is a very main theme, it will outline all the Working Capacity and features. Parent Theme can also do Standalone Work while Child Theme cannot.

Child Theme

Child Theme needs a special subject to work because it cannot work without that particular subject. In addition, New Site Layout or Design can be used for children.

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