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Nowadays, chatting or messaging with friends does not happen by phone, the reason is also clear, it costs more money to talk by phone and very little chat or messaging costs you a small internet for a month. I do messaging or chatting with my friends for hundreds of times and since the arrival of Android, the messaging app has been flooded. There are thousands of apps on the Internet that allow you to connect and send messages to your friends through the Internet, some of which are also providing video calling facility.

You must have done chatting from mobile to mobile, but if this app is in your desktop computer, then chatting and messaging is a different fun, there are some such messaging services that are chatting from desktop to mobile phone via internet And messaging applications are available, which you can download for free, so let's know –


WeChat Mobile World Hachana has become a name, it has features like Voice Chat with Group Chat, Moments, Free Call, Video Call, Sticker Gallery, Broadcast Messages, Friend Radar, Chat History Backup and Web WeChat and it will be available on your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone Along with this, we have also provided this service for Mac and Windows, so that you can easily chat from desktop to mobile phone.


After being popular all over the world, Line is now in India too. It has become very popular, it gives you free messaging, free voice & video calls, from photo & video sharing to voice messa You can take advantage of features like ges, it supports mobile OS like Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Nokia Asha, Firefox OS, as well as PC for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS. Can be downloaded.


Free internet call viber application from Android phone is a great application, from viber to viber you can make voice calls very easily on 2G internet connection, as well as viber calls on other phones too. Ho, but for this you have to pay a charge, now the viber is available for Windows, Mac and Linux OS in addition to Android, you can use Best-quality HD voice calls, Video calls, Text, photo and sticker messages from viber for Windows, Features like Full sync between your mobile and Windows, Transfer ongoing calls between devices You can take advantage of


Skype is a known app for your free phone calls and free video calls, with Skype you can make free calls to any phone anywhere in India, just the other person should also have Skype, It is not that you cannot call without Skype, but for that you have to pay, for this the rates are given on Skype's site, which you can find out from Skype's site. You can easily call Skype to Computer to Computer, Computer to Phone and Phone to Phone, all you need is Internet Connection and Skype.

Facebook chat

Facebook is India's most popular social network, thousands, millions of people use Facebook daily, that's why Facebook adds new feature every day to make it more popular, Facebook Chat is one such feature. . With Facebook Chat, you can chat with your friends directly from your desktop, for this you have to login through your Facebook account.


The specialty of Snapchat is that the messages sent to it are automatically deleted within seconds of being viewed. Recently, Snapchat has added some new features, earlier only photo-video could be sent, but now text and video chat can also be done. Now you can use Snapchat from desktop too, just enter Snapchat user name and password and get started.


Tango is a new app. In Mobile Drive, it supports iOS, Android, Blackberry and Kindle, in addition tango download is also available for Windows. The list of its features is also good, it includes Messages- 1 to 1 & group chat, Video & Voice calls- High quality voice & video calls on 3G, 4G, & Wi-Fi apart from Find New Friends, Photo Sharing, Animated Surprises- Personalize your calls & messages with fun animations.

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