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If you have a good idea for a website, then the first thing that you have to do is that you have to choose TLD (Top Level Domain). So how to choose the best and cheap domain registrar?

What most internet users do is that they buy the domain from whom they buy hosting. But there is no rule that your domain registrar and host should be the same, but you will get the best results individually. If you find a great host somewhere and have a great domain registrar, you have to stick your guns with them. It also has a security advantage, that if someone gains access to your hosting account, your domain will be safe again.

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There is a discussion about cheap and good domain registrars on the Internet, and people usually choose the same trend that seems plausible or which your competitors choose. Finding a good domain name registrar can be a daunting task – which one should you choose? Who has the best mix of pricing, services and support? Etc., but not if you are going to have a guide. This article has been written specifically so that you can know about the cheapest and best domain registrars of this time. Below are the 5 best and cheapest domain names registrar, which will provide you quality performance and support a cheap deal.

Where to buy Inexpensive (cheap) Domain Names?


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Saasta Domain Name

See Pricing and Plan.

ShoutMyDomain which is a part of Shoutmeloud has something to offer you which can be a great advantage for you. ShoutMyDomain has received great reviews from its users and offers cheap domain name registration and that too with its support. Their pricing starts at $ 10.99 / year for .com domain, $ 4.94 / year for .biz domain, $ 6.04 / year for .org domain. ShoutMyDomain offers great host for local domains, and you must visit it once if you want an extended host with domain options, and localization for a bargain deal. Specially, for Indian residents, ShoutMyDomain offers domain payment through Netbanking and PayPal the best available payment option for international users. With every domain registration you will get 2 free Email address and free who.is guard.


Name domain service

See Pricing and Plan.

Name.com is an industry standard cheap domain name registration company. .com, .net and .org domain registration which starts at $ 10.99, they have great support to offer, cheap registration and they also have experience of host for your domain in this field. Name.com is not the cheapest, but they have a flexible pricing plan and personable customer support. Name.com also offers a service called "Domain Nabber" which can grab expired domains relevant to your business. Pricing for expired domain names is high, but with this you can choose one of the best names for your next online venture.


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Godaddy domains

See Pricing and Plan.

You can say – daddy of all domain registrars! He is the planet's most controversial domain registrar and his controversy seems to find a way with him all the time. After major failure in 2012, GoDaddy somehow managed to regain its reputation. GoDaddy reduced the cost of .com to $ 1.99 per year, but in reality it costs $ 10 for the first year, $ 10 for the subsequent years, a lot of additional hidden prices. He is still the leader of domain name registrars and there is no reason why you should not see what he offers.

Bonus: Great tips for choosing a perfect domain name registrar

  1. Thoroughly consider pricing and value.
  2. Keep in mind that you are going with an ICANN-registered registrar.
  3. Check out hidden fees and transferring or releasing etc.
  4. Check if you are getting any Email accounts / Email forwarders.
  5. Consider add-on services such as free who.is guard.
  6. Check the policy of Domain Transfer. For example, many registrar like GoDaddy allows you to transfer the domain from outside of GoDaddy for 60 days.

So out of these, which domain registrar are you going to use to buy domain names? If you are using any other domain name service, then let me know by comments.

Any question? Advice? Request? anything else ? Please comment.

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