40 billion dollars spent on Android and iOS apps in the first 6 months of 2019, know which app was in the top in earnings!

Year after year Android and iOS apps are creating new records of earnings and this business has become one of the highest earning businesses in the world. If we talk only about Apple Appstore and Google Playstore, then in the first 6 months of this year, the total revenue of both of them has crossed the $ 40 billion mark, which is 15.4 percent more than last year. It can be estimated by seeing this data that now smartphone consumers do not hesitate to spend money on apps to improve their phones.

According to reports published in Sensor Tower, while Apple Appstore earned $ 25.5 billion from sales of its apps, it is up 13.2 percent over the previous year, while Google Playstore earned $ 14.2 billion, up 19.6 percent from the previous year. Is more. Like every year, Apple Appstore outperformed this time and earned 80 percent more than Google Playstore. If we talk about app installation, then total 42 billion apps were installed from Google Playstore during this period whereas only 14.8 billion apps were installed from Apple Appstore, yet Apple Appstore was ahead in earning, the main reason behind this is the large number of free apps available on Google Playstore is.

Tinder topped both stores in the highest-grossing non-gaming apps, Tinder grossed $ 497 million in total at both stores and Netflix in second place with a total of 399 million dollars. Netflix was the highest-grossing app till this period last year, but it dropped significantly this year after removing the Paid subscription from the Apple Appstore.

Consumers also spent money openly on gaming apps, and according to reports, the two stores combined together earned a total of 29.6 billion dollars, which is a huge figure. Among the gaming apps, Honor of Kings, Candy Crush Saga and Pabji Mobile topped in terms of earnings. All of these figures received only reflect the revenue earned from apps on the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore and do not include data on third-party Android appstores used in China.


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