29 Ki Umar Mai Maine Apna Flat Kharida

29 ki umar mai flat kharida

Buying a flat is such a moment in which you feel very proud and recently I had such a moment.

Being a blogger, I never thought that real-estate would be my piece of cake, but I was wrong.

I learned a lot from the process of researching and buying a flat and this article is for all of you who have a dream to buy their property.

In this guide, along with sharing my experience and mistakes, I have also told what I learned in all this work.

How it all started: buying a flat

I was only 18 years old when I moved to Delhi from my hometown, and that was when I realized that it was going to be my next home.

After all, the same was done by my grandfather, who moved from a small town in Rajasthan and now where he lives, he earned his name through his hard work and established himself.

When I was 23 years old I bought my first car, even though my parents were also worried about how I would manage a car.

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After my graduation, I lived in a rented house for years (roughly 7 years), and it was not right for me to pay so much rent, and I wanted to save my rental money. It took me 6 years to get into such a stage, where I invested all my savings, took a loan from the bank and bought a flat that was just about ready.

The funny thing was that; It took me two years to find a flat that was right for me and which I liked.

I spent countless days looking at different properties in Noida, Expressway, Gurgaon. I also spent countless hours on RealEstateForums, to learn tips and tricks for buying property. At the same time, I was also afraid of cheating by someone because I had also heard stories of many scams related to real estate. But Luckily nothing like this happened to me!

In this guide, I will list some things that helped me in choosing the right property and it will be helpful for any other person who will be willing to buy a flat in the coming months.

Step by Step Guide to Buy Flat:

Budget to buy flat

Identify the property in your budget

Budgeting is an important thing when you make a plan to buy your flat. My scenario is i live an objective Should be a flat rather than an investment. A good buy is one that has both. (Raishish and Investment too)

So, start with the budget and know how much area you need to live. Together you will also have to make sure that the size of your flat should be. You get a 1200 SQ. ft. Need flat or 1800 SQ. ft. flat? Should it be two-room or three-room? These are some important questions that you will have to decide by yourself first.

Now start taking advantage of a dedicated real estate forum. From this you will know which real estate deals are reputed and together with your requirements, you will also get information about properties. It's just a First The stage This is where you will be doing homework and the real work will start when you go to see the property.

Find a Broker:

broker for real estate

According to the dictionary, the definition of a brocker is: "a person who buys and sells goods or assets to others" and will make money when he finally sells something to someone. Always remember that broker is a salesman, and he specializes in making you feel good.

Here important facts It is to work with at least 5 brokers and let them suggest you and show the property. In this process you will learn a lot about the real-estate market. After 3-4 visits you will get 1-2 genuine brokers who can get a good deal for you.

Resale or Direct Purchase:

This is another important The aspect That you have to keep in your mind. Resale market is typically a bargain market where only Rs 10 / Sq. Ft. A big difference can be made. Buying from a direct builder is more transparent, but again it depends on which brokers you are going through.

Some brokers also have the rights to sell a property at a particularly low price, and you have to find brokers who have a direct connection and who can get the best deal for you. Make sure that there is no middle man among you other than this. If it happens, you will probably have to pay more. On the other hand, having 1-2 extra broker is a normal thing when you deal with resale property.

Mistakes you should not make:

One thing that I would like to advise you is that do not lose your patience and do not wait too long. My daily income is around 50,000 INR and I spent months looking for a flat, and at that time I focused on let's work on the work that I am good at. After years I can say that "saved money is earned money"

Your time invested in research and Negotiating will not only enhance your skills (which will help your whole life), it will also help you to learn another very important aspect of life "PATIENCE" ("Saber"). . Saber is a key to success in any field and in real-estate too. This is also true for the art of Negotiation.

As I said above, I have bought this house with money earned from my blogging. If you also want to earn money online then definitely read this article:

If you have such a story, this is a moment, then do share it with us and also tell what you have learned from it.

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