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printer is a output device but in reality it is the pen of our imagination, which allows you to print black or colored on white paper and that In just a few seconds, but have you ever thought about the printer maintenance of this heavy working printer, if not then think now –

Let's start from the beginning, often lag printer purchase Before we think about how much work we can do with this and that is the biggest problem behind most printers being lost, there is really no need for laser printers to do more work, but it is a little expensive and it is colorful Printouts and photos cannot be printed, but it is the best for office work. Today we will talk about the Laser Printer itself, how you can maintain your printer properly and take advantage of it for longer time –

  1. The most important thing is to give a print from a printer. Driver It passes the print command given by you to the printer. Many people are often upset that their printer is not taking command, it may be that your driver is an old version, once you update it, try it.
  2. There is moisture everywhere during the rainy season and the same moisture also affects the papers with your printer, some people often use in sealed paper printers, which is not correct. In fact, water starts to evaporate from the sealed paper from the printer's heating, which can also damage the printer.
  3. If you want to use printer cartridge for a longer time, then apply Econo mode to it. For this, go to the control panel, open the Devices and Printers here. Right click on your printer's icon and click on Printing Preferences. Click on the Paper / Quality tab. Here you will see the Econo mode in the Print Quality box, tick it. This will increase the cartage of your printer.
  4. When the printer is not working, cover it with a cotton cloth.
  5. When refilling printer cartridge, use only good quality ink, local ink can be harmful for both your cartage and printer.
  6. This also applies to paper, if you use poor quality paper in a laser printer, then soon the drum of your printer cartridge may get damaged. Since the drum comes in direct contact with the paper in printing, this is also the first thing affected.
  7. If you have a problem of low voltage here, run the laser printer with a stabilizer.
  8. Some users connect laser printers to computer UPS. Do not do this at all, it can damage your UPS.
  9. Use only good quality of laser printer power, otherwise there is a danger of short circuit.
  10. If you are fond of reading an e-book and often you get a print out of the e-book from your printer, but it does not sound like a book or a book. It turns out to be a side blank print directly on the A4 page. Which also costs a lot of pages and the book also does not get fun. Today I am going to tell you a simple way of doing such a big job that you can print your book at home, and can also save pages. In this way, you can print out any 40-page e-book in only 10 pages, which will also save the page and will also be fun to read and watch. Read on to know how to do this – Print your e-book at home as well as save paper
  11. Now the time has come for cloud computing and cloud printing technology also changes new colors over time, Google Cloud Print Has launched a new service called, so that your printer is connected to the Internet, and you can command your printer from anywhere on your mobile, tablet or computer. Read – Remove Print Technology from Mobile Phone from Cloud Technology, How to Print from Any Corner of the World

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