10 Motivational Hindi Novels (Hindi Novels)

10 Motivational [Hindi + English] Novels

[Hindi + English] is spoken by so many people and at the same time its dialects are so much that choosing top 10 [Hindi + English] novels out of the many novels written in [Hindi + English] is similar to Teri Kheer. I read a lot of writers and authors but it took a long time to decide which ones to keep out of the top 10.

Also by asking various people involved in the development of [Hindi + English], I am going to put some [Hindi + English] novels here. And hope that you will like it when you read them.

However, [Hindi + English] literature is slowly disappearing from people's bookshelves. But whether you are young or old, everyone should read these [Hindi + English] novels once in life.

Here I am presenting some works.inposed in [Hindi + English] and translate from some other languages.

10 Novels from You get inspired

1. The monk who sold his property

motivational book hindi

this Robin Sharma Originally written in English by The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a [Hindi + English] translation. It is one of the most selling books of India. It inspires us to live with enthusiasm and joy. It depicts the life of a lawyer named Julian Mentley. Robin Sharma has presented it in a very interesting way. Apart from you, Robin Sharma

Like books can also be read.

2. Jeet Yours – The Stairway to Success

this Shiv Kheda Is a [Hindi + English] translation of You Can Win – A step by step tool for top achievers written in English by. As the name of the book suggests, there are steps to achieve it. Shiv Kheda himself writes at the beginning of the book that do not read this book at once or do it for casual browsing. Read one chapter of this book and do not read the other chapter until you understand one. This is actually a workbook that you can also make notes to get success in life while reading.

Shiv Khera

3. Yogi Katrhat

Yogi narrated Paramahamsa Yogananda Ki is a [Hindi + English] translation of Autobiography of a yogi written in English. The English version of this book was especially popular in foriegn countries. After which it was also translated into [Hindi + English] and that too became very popular. To know the life style of a yogi, definitely read this book once.

4. Chanakya Mantra

Ashwin sanghi 'S popular work is a fast-paced thriller in which historical tale is written using today's terms and things. This is to say that the story may be old but references are given in it today. Therefore, reading it in many places gives an impression of its contemporary which increases the reader's expectations and curiosity. It has been written so well that even if you are a normal reader, many times you imagine you are.inpletely lost in the novel.


5. Secrets of happy life

Deepak Chopra Is an Indian American author and spiritual public speaker who has written this book. In this, he has given some unstable reasons for life which gives us happiness for a short time but then disappears. Deepak Chopra shares his own experiences in this book to find happiness from within himself. If spirituality motivates you, then definitely read this book.

6. Your future is in your hands

D.APJ Abdul Kalam This book written by is based on the e-mail of youths across the country and their questions. In this book, he has written the answers based on his experience and learning from his life. In a way, this book is the essence of Kalam's life. To understand the hidden messages in the responses to this book, please read it carefully.

7.Stay Hungry Stay Phulish

'Stay Hungry Stay Foolish' is the quote most people Steve Jobs Must have heard from But in the book of this title Rashmi Bansal 25 IIM has shared the life story of Ahmedabad graduates who chose the path of entrepreneurship and found a different place for themselves. If you are an entrepreneur or want to b.ine, then this is the best book for you, definitely read it.
Stay Hungry Stay Foolish in [Hindi + English]

8. Arms farewell

Ernest Hemingway Written by Arms Farewell is a [Hindi + English] translation of his famous novel A Farewell To Arms. In which the romantic story of World War-I is presented in a romantic way. This novel became so famous that it later became a bestseller.

9. Raghuvansh

Great poet kalidas Is a very excellent epic written by. Actually it was.inposed in Sanskrit but we are fortunate to have read it in [Hindi + English]. It describes openness about the greatness of kings as well as their worthless heirs.


In writing it Sudhir student Has broken the pen itself. In today's young generation, its echo is heard from far away. The unforgettable stories of the life of the great revolutionary Azad have been written very interestingly. This story, full of passion and vigor, gives a.inplete vision of his life.

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This is my list of final top ten [Hindi + English] motivational books. But still I think no list can be final top 10. Because there is such a plethora of good books and novels in the [Hindi + English] language that the age will pass by reading, but the novels and books will not end. But still I have tried my best to make this list. You can also share your favorite [Hindi + English] book or novel by.inmenting with me. I look forward to your.inments and feedback.

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